(Clearwisdom.net) According to the Hong Kong newspaper "Wenweipo," the international research company AC Nelson conducted a survey last month to understand the top concerns of residents in countries in different regions around the world. The study also looked at consumer confidence and willingness to purchase. The findings revealed that nearly 40% of people in Hong Kong worry about unemployment, top among the 13 countries and regions surveyed. Hong Kong also has the highest percentage of consumers who postponed investing in stocks or purchasing valuables during the last 6 months.

More people postponed investment

Ma Mulin, president of AC Nelson's Asian Department, pointed out that, because of the poor long-term economic performance in Hong Kong and other factors, consumer confidence in Hong Kong continued to decline. The percentage of people who postponed investments increased from 48% from the last survey to 60%. About 75% of people in Hong Kong postponed their stock investments.

The purchase of personal-use electronic goods and the tourist industry also declined.

(Originally from www.creaders.net)