(Clearwisdom.net) There are many Dafa practitioners illegally detained in labor camps for long periods of time. They suffer unbearable torture and mental persecution compared to ordinary people detained in such camps. But their determination in Dafa has daunted the evil. Whenever I read about their brave deeds, my heart would feel the constant impulses from their righteous thoughts. As I calmed down and asked myself what I should do to help them to rush out of the demon's den, I started to form an idea, with the help of other practitioners, of the following activity in Masanjia labor camp.

When some of the practitioners and I discussed and shared our thoughts in August 2001, all of us thought that we should broadcast Dafa programs in the Masanjia Labor Camp to eliminate the evils in other dimensions there and help illegally detained practitioners break out of the arrangement of the evils. With that consensus reached, five of us then rented a car and set off with four loudspeakers to Masanjia, which is located in a suburban area that is not convenient to traffic.

We were calm on the way there and all of us had the strongest righteous thoughts. After several hours of driving, we arrived at Masanjia.

Because we were not familiar with the place, instead of parking the car someplace and trying to find an opportunity to get into the labor camp as we had planned, we just drove straight to the front gate. Once we were there, we found that there was no room for us to turn the car around on the narrow road. A policeman was walking toward us and there was no time or space for us to back our car out! The situation seemed to go far beyond what we had imagined. I was a little bit nervous but I didn't stop the car. When the policeman almost reached us, I suddenly had a thought to forge ahead into the camp. The car didn't stop and I saw there was a puzzled look in the eyes of the policeman as we were passing by. And so, we entered the labor camp without any trouble.

After we drove a short distance, we reached the gate of the women's labor camp. The other four practitioners quickly got out of the car and hung the loudspeakers on electrical poles and trees. Meanwhile, I turned the car around and they got in again. The whole process took only five minutes. As I was driving out, that puzzled policeman followed us and met us again. It seemed that he wanted to question us, but I didn't pay any attention to him and accelerated the car towards the gate. The moment we were going out of the gate, the loudspeakers started to work.

We stopped the car at a safe place and looked back towards the labor camp. We saw that the policemen and prisoners were nervously running here and there like frightened rabbits. The loudspeakers were at a reachable height, but nobody dared to take them down. Finally, they had to stand there and listen to the broadcast.

The voice of The World Falun Dafa Radio Station resounded through the labor camp again and again, and everyone listened to it in silence. The tremendously powerful voice of Fa-rectification was destroying the evil in other dimensions. The truth of the universe shocked everyone's soul, and the evil vanished completely. The loudspeakers kept working until the batteries ran out.

On the way home, everyone in the car was silent. We were all still absorbed in the pure state of eliminating the evil a few minutes ago. We knew that everything was done under the benevolent arrangements and safeguarding of Teacher, and we had just done what we ought to do. Later, more than one hundred Dafa practitioners illegally detained in Masanjia held a hunger strike. Many of them stepped out of the den of the evil in an open and dignified manner.