The No. 9 Team of Wujiabaozi Labor Camp, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, is a special place that takes extra care to strictly monitor Falun Gong practitioners and newcomers. Since December 2001, the police there have been torturing practitioners in the most barbaric ways. Many practitioners have been severely injured. Police do not allow practitioners to sleep, put them in small cells, handcuff them to the door and leave them standing for long periods of time without rest, and slap or kick practitioner's throats.

Since April 12, 2002, the first day that the male team was relocated to the third floor of No. 9 Team, Liu Zhigang, the political secretary of the labor camp, has beaten practitioners. After his beatings, he asks criminals to drag the practitioners to the second floor and continue the beating. The second floor is where practitioners and newcomers are monitored. Some practitioners were kept in tiny cells for 4 days. Some of the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest, so police struck the practitioners with 5 to 6 electric batons at a time. They also get criminals to beat practitioners with blocks of wood.

Newly arrived practitioners are first sent to the second floor. The guard and the headman get criminals to beat them with blocks of wood. They show no mercy even when practitioners lose consciousness from the beatings. They pound practitioners' torsos using their elbows or heels, or knee practitioners in the stomach or chest. A practitioner from Fuxin City, Liaoning Province was injured so severely that he couldn't walk for a week. Practitioners who were on hunger strike were also beaten. On July 2, practitioners on the third floor were sent to the second floor. Political Secretary Liu Zhigang asked some criminals to beat them for a whole night. On the afternoon of July 3, practitioners were beaten with blocks of wood on the third floor.

Fushun Labor Camp continues to torture the minds and bodies of Dafa practitioners. Practitioners are forced to sit on a stool for a long time, are not allowed to take a break, and cannot take a shower. We hope that when practitioners read this article they will send out righteous thoughts to thoroughly eliminate the evil in other spaces, and help practitioners who are persecuted there to leave the vicious labor camp.