(Clearwisdom.net) In a labor camp in Henan Province, when I introduced Dafa to a person who had been sentenced to one year for fighting with others, he told me about his unforgettable near-death experience:

"One summer night in 1994, I was riding on my motorcycle. Because of the slippery road conditions after the rain, the motorcycle slipped and I was thrown quite a long distance. My head hit something very hard and I fell unconscious. Very soon, I felt as if I left my body and a stream of power lifted me up into the air. I saw many people surrounding my body. I wanted to return to my body but I was unable to.

"Instead, I was floated to other places by the energy stream. I quickly drifted to a frightening place. One person who looked like the King of Hell looked at me and asked: 'Why are you here? You do not belong here. Hurry and go this way!' I then quickly left the way he pointed.

"I saw a stairway. After climbing stairs for a long time, I came to a golden palace. I stepped in and saw a very tall and compassionate Buddha sitting on a big lotus seat in the center of the palace. There were many Buddhas sitting on both sides of the big Buddha. In retrospect, the big Buddha very much resembled teacher Li. There was an empty seat on his left side. For some reason I decided to sit on that seat. As soon as I sat, the big Buddha started to talk: 'You are here already. But you have not accomplished your mission. Hurry and return!' Instantly two beautiful round plates flew towards me from his hand. Now I know from watching TV that they were Falun. The two Falun rotated around me for a while and turned into a large lotus flower which surrounded me. I had such an incredible feeling that I could not put into words. I wanted to say: "I do not want to go back." But I was unable to speak.

"The lotus flower lifted me up and sent me back at high speed. Soon after, it stopped. I then opened my eyes and found myself lying in the hospital and my family was around me. I knew that I had come back to life again. The unique experience of seeing the horrifying 'King of Hell' and the unforgettable scenes in the palace after I fell unconscious made an impression that I will never forget. Besides my mother, I have never told anyone about this experience. What do you think happened?"

I told him: "You have a strong predestined relationship with our teacher. He was protecting you and giving you hints."

He said: "If I had not fought to help a friend of mine and as a result been sent to a labor camp, I would have never known the reason."

"Maybe this is a special way to connect the predestined relationship! It is truly 'gain because of loss'".

He now often asks practitioners to tell him stories about cultivation. Moreover, when police torture practitioners, he dares to say fair words for Dafa. He also said that he would cultivate in Dafa. I am happy for his awakening. From this, we know that there are many more sentient beings waiting us to clarify the truth to them.