August 13, 2002

I am a Chinese student in the UK. It really pained my heart when I heard of the story of the Hong Kong police illegally using force to arrest peaceful protesters and charging them with obstruction and attacking police. Photographs taken by international media have clearly illustrated that this is a completely ungrounded and unjustified case. It is essentially a political litigation intended to sabotage the "one country, two systems" arrangement and the freedom of Hong Kong.

On 14th March this year, in order to protest against the "kill without pardon" order from Jiang Zemin, 4 Swiss and 12 Hong Kong practitioners held a peaceful petition in front of the Chinese Liaison Office in accordance with Hong Kong law. In response to this, the Liaison Office pressured the police five times in one hour to stop this protest. The Hong Kong police succumbed to their pressure and staged an ugly drama. They used overwhelming manpower to forcefully arrest the practitioners, using cruel torture techniques like pinching the victims' pressure points to injure without leaving a mark. It's evident that this was just a Hong Kong version of the violence and deceit on Tiananmen Square, and was a public violation of the freedom of Hong Kong.

Many people have realised that the evil gang led by Jiang Zemin is using this case as a breakthrough point to encroach upon the freedom of the citizens of Hong Kong. With the "Anti-Terror Regulations" just passed and the "Anti-Subversion Law" in the pipeline, the dictator has been tightening the rope around the neck of the Hong Kong people. If the Hong Kong courts bow to Jiang's pressure and convict the peaceful protesters, Hong Kong's future will be in the dictator's hands. With the existing legal justice undermined by abuses, and with new laws like the "Anti-Subversion Law" intended to destroy freedom, almost any Hong Kong resident, or any group in Hong Kong, could be declared "illegal" for having connections with overseas organizations. Without a fair legal system, without freedom of association and freedom of speech, how long can Hong Kong's prosperity last? Isn't this a frightening prospect? Wouldn't that be allowing tyranny to run rampant in the world? If the peaceful protesters are convicted, it will be a serious blow to the freedom of Hong Kong.

Falun Gong follows the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", and has received warm support in more than 60 countries in the world. However, during the last three years, the evil political gang of Jiang Zemin has been using all its powers to arrest, torture and murder Falun Gong practitioners, and has been persecuting and demonising Falun Gong with all its police, military, diplomatic forces and propaganda machinery. Thousands of people have been tortured to death, and hundreds of thousands have been incarcerated. The most basic human rights have been trampled without mercy. Now, this evil persecution is being extended to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong still uses the British legal system. Due to the special relationship between the UK and Hong Kong, I have decided to go on a 48-hour hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy in London. I hope that my actions will enable more people from the UK to know about the crisis going on in Hong Kong. I call upon all kind-hearted British people to care about the future of Hong Kong, and extend your helping hand to save Hong Kong from tyranny!

Our 24-hour vigil outside the Chinese Embassy has been going on for more than 70 days. I call upon you to join us and "sit by my side" for one minute.

"Sit by my side

Closing your eyes

Together in silence

We call for

The end of torturing

The end of killing

The end of the persecution

Compassion grows in our hearts

Together in silence

Our wishes can make a difference"

I hope you could show your support to peace and justice with your simple actions.

Sincerely yours,

UK Falun Dafa Practitioner