(Clearwisdom.net) We are Falun Dafa practitioners currently being held at the No. 7 Brigade of the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. During the past two years in custody we have suffered from all kinds of inhuman tortures and injuries, some of which was caused by persecution from police and inmates. Several "night watchers" (inmates) often said, "We will not be held responsible even if we beat you to death," "There will be one person less if we beat you to death," "If we beat you to death our sentences will be reduced," "Beating you is only a game for us," and "It is the government that gives us the power."

By living in the labor camp for more than two years we have truly experienced filthy language and tongue-lashing from some of the guards. They stop at nothing to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. The main punishments include forcing us to stand up for a long time, sealing our mouths with tape, letting us starve, exposure to biting cold or standing in the scorching sun, hanging up in the shape of an airplane, being locked in a small cell, sitting on an iron chair, wearing handcuffs, being shocked by electric batons, beatings with clubs as well as cuffing and kicking. Incidents of Falun Dafa practitioners taking beatings have occurred frequently.

In February 2002, policemen Li Hong, Zhang, Li Xiuhua and Wang Min suddenly started to strike Falun Dafa practitioners who were sending forth righteous thoughts. Their clubs fell on the backs of our hands, arms and shoulders until these parts were swollen and turned black and blue. They beat the practitioners regardless of their age or the status of their health. If they thought someone was offensive to their eyes they just struck them or shouted abuses whenever they liked.

In the evening of January 27, Li Hong, Zhang and Li Xiuhua tricked Falun Dafa practitioner Shi Shuyan into going to the correctional office in the name of having a conversation with her. On entering the office they started to beat her while saying that "The brigade leader asked us to give you a lesson." As a result Shi Shuyan lips turned purple and her nose was bleeding profusely.

On the morning of the 28th, Wang Min hit the faces of Cui Fenglan and Zhu Chunrong with a plastic stool. Cui's mouth was broken so badly that she could not eat or drink. Some of Zhu's teeth broke loose and she found it difficult to breathe. It took more than two weeks before all the blood blisters on her face disappeared.

These policemen have also used the name of having a conversation to trick five practitioners out of their dormitories on separate occasions. Each time they beat and kicked the practitioners, pulled their hair, slapped their faces and tied them up with ropes. These practitioners' faces were all swollen. They felt unbearable pain in their waists, legs, hips, chests and backs, and they felt dizziness as well. They were black and blue all over their bodies. Fifty-four-year old Meng Xuanzhi was often beaten this way. She was dragged from a stool to the ground and then was dragged to and fro while being beaten and kicked. She had multiple pains in her waist, legs, hips, chest and back and she felt dizzy. She died after going into a coma in the toilet on the second floor. At the time she still had large areas of black and blue scars on her thighs. When we pointed out to the policemen that what they had done was against the law, they replied, "We attended a brigade meeting and beginning from now, whoever among you dares to raise your hand we'll beat you up. We plan to use police batons and handcuffs as well."

In the beginning of March, when Falun Dafa practitioner Cui Fenglan was sending forth righteous thoughts she was called into the correctional office by policeman Li Hong. Li and an inmate "night watcher" Bai Xuelian shut the door behind them and began to beat up Cui. Cui's instep was bleeding and her face was swollen. Li Hong had also tortured other practitioners by pulling their hair and pushing their heads against the iron bars of the bedside or pressing their heads onto the bed and not letting them raise their heads.

The incident of beating Falun Dafa practitioners has never stopped. From mid March until now the number of beatings by those inmates who were used as "night watchers" has increased daily. "Night watchers" Bai Xuelian, Ren Hong, and Fu Lina often beat up and verbally abuse the Falun Dafa practitioners.

One day in early April, Bai Xuelian and Ren Hong dragged more than ten practitioners from their stools to the ground and then hacked everyone's arms and heads with their palms. They also used their knees to hit these practitioners' in the lower back. As a result these practitioners felt pain in their legs and waist. They were alarmed and found it hard to breathe. Wang Shufang had pain in her waist and could not turn over while in bed.

On the 6th of May, Fu Lina had an argument with other "night watchers" so she was very angry. The next morning when she came into our classroom she was yelling and shouting, and made trouble out of nothing. She dragged Tao Hongmei, who was not feeling well, from the stool to the group. She dragged Tao for more than two meters and then kicked her hips. Tao was totally at a loss about what to do.

On the 9th of May, Fu Lina forced practitioner Liu Shuhai, who had been allowed to stay in her room, to go downstairs. After Liu flatly refused her request, Fu dragged Liu from bed to the ground and beat her up. Liu's clothes were torn.

On the 11th of May, at the drill ground, Ren Hong pushed and dragged Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Guixia to get her to stand in line. Ren also hacked with her palm and kicked the practitioner. At the time the brigade leader was there, however she not only turned a blind eye on the brutal acts but also scolded those Falun Dafa practitioners who came forward to stop the inhuman treatment.

In the evening of May 11th, "night watcher" Cui Yuqing tried to stop practitioner Wang Shurong from sending forth righteous thoughts. Wang ignored her so Cui dragged Wang to the ground from the bed. Another practitioner Zhao Xiuyun whose bed was next to Wang's tried to dissuade Cui from doing it, but Cui hit Zhao's head in return. At that time "night watcher" Ren Hong also came to beat up Wang Shurong and dragged her more than four meters on the ground. "Night watcher" Fu Lina and a "night watcher" from the second floor, Bai Xuelian, all came to beat the practitioners. Whoever came forward to dissuade them from doing that was also beaten up. Seven practitioners including Qu Xueying, Liu Xiulan, Jiang Lihue, Yang Lixia, Tian Yazhen, Tao Hongmei had all suffered from beatings in different degrees and the room was in chaos. These "night watchers" also wet the practitioners' beddings and clothing by sprinkling water into the air so that the practitioners could not to go sleep. Fu Lina and Ren Hong were absolutely hysterical and acted wilfully. They either beat or swore at practitioners. No matter where you were, being at the dormitory, classroom, corridor or drill ground, you could hear their filthy language.

On the morning of May13th, Fu Lina took a very strong stand to order practitioner Liu Xiulan, who was doing the cleaning job at the moment, to do this or that to stir up trouble. When Liu went downstairs Fu followed her to the toilet, watching for a chance to beat her. Because there were people in the toilet Fu's plot fell through. Then Fu went to the classroom. As soon as she entered the classroom she started to beat practitioners Yang Lixia, Qu Xueying and Tao Hongmei in their faces and heads.

You might ask why these inmates dared to unscrupulously persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. The answer is that the labour camp officials have made use of the fact that these inmates want to reduce their term of sentence and go back home at an early date. The officials use this to pressure the inmates and use them to persecute practitioners in an attempt to avoid personal responsibility. These criminal acts must stop.

The labour camp also pressed the visiting family members of Falun Dafa practitioners to publicly slander Falun Dafa or the founder of Falun Dafa. If they refused to do so they would loose their opportunity to meet their loved ones. Falun Dafa practitioners often found that their belongings had been stolen. They reported the theft to the labor camp but there was no action taken for most of the cases. What's more, those who reported their things stolen were treated unjustly.

Here in the labor camp, Falun Dafa practitioners are suffering both mentally and physically. The policemen protect and are partial to those inmates who serve as hatchet men or thieves.

We believe under the radiance of Buddha's light all these uncorrected things will be corrected. It is the absolute truth of the universe that good deeds are met with good rewards and evil is met with evil returns.