(Clearwisdom.net) On a beautiful weekend with mild breezes and warm sunshine, Falun Dafa practitioners organized an out-door "Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibition.

"The peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibition (overview)People watching the photo exhibition
Color ring round the SunTeaching Falun Gong exercisesA girl concentrates on doing exercises.

An in-door exhibition would need a lot of advertisement; otherwise no people would know about it. An out-door exhibition in a crowded place can naturally attract more people. So, after some preparation, a small scale "Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibition was set up outside the Dublin Central Post Office building where we usually have Fa-promotion activities.

Our display attracted many people. The post office area is also a place that many of Dublin's Chinese people like to go. We usually distribute many flyers and VCDs to them. Shortly after we set up the exhibition, a girl who just came to Ireland three days earlier looked at our photos and listened to the introduction given by a practitioner. She was angered by the Jiang regime's brutal persecution and she expressed her sympathy and admiration to the courageous and steadfast Falun Gong practitioners who are being illegally persecuted. When she left, she sincerely said, "Please continue your endeavors. Good luck!"

During the day, many people stopped to watch the exhibition, and some wanted to learn the exercises. Many practitioners felt that our energy field was very strong and pure. In the blue sky, a color ring decorated the sun from time to time. The scenery was serene, peaceful and magnificent.