The Truth and the Will of the People

A Chinese practitioner from Canada wrote a letter to the judiciary department and the judges in Hong Kong, hoping that they would all "strive to be righteous men praised by many people, instead of being sinful men who are spurned forever." In the open letter, it says that the police's accusations are purely fabricated and irrational. The judges and the judiciary officials discriminate in favor of the false accusation -- this is really the shame of the democratic Hong Kong people. He hoped that people could step forward bravely to speak out for the sake of upholding the justice of the Hong Kong judiciary system and to strive for truth, compassion and peace in Hong Kong's society.

An open letter to Hong Kong officials written by a Chinese practitioner from Canada: The prosecution of 16 Falun Gong practitioners by the Hong Kong police is actually a political prosecution conceived under the pressure of Jiang in Mainland China. But a high position and handsome salary for a period of time or for one lifetime even is not the true meaning of life. You are the representatives of the Hong Kong people, and are making decisions about the fate of the Hong Kong people. Upholding democracy and justice, not yielding to the evil pressure is your duty and responsibility. Opposing truthfulness, compassion and forbearance will exhaust the source of one's life; it is like humans battling with gods.

News and Activities Around the World

To find life in outer space, some scientists believe that we have to expand our current beliefs about life. The basic building blocks of life on the Earth such as DNA, RNA and protein may not apply to other life forms in outer space. Looking only for those substances is not a sound method. Many scientists believe that other living beings exist within our galaxy.

(August 8, 2002) The World Journal reported that Human Rights Watch and the Geneva Psychiatry Project jointly issued a report titled, "Dangerous Brains: The Political Mental Illnesses." The report states that the Jiang regime has recently been jailing more and more dissidents by claiming they are mentally ill. The report called on the World Association of Psychiatry to pass a resolution to send delegations to China to conduct an investigation, examining those who are jailed as "psychiatric patients."