(Clearwisdom.net) One practitioner came across the following problem: One of his relatives had a misunderstanding about the things he did for Dafa. In order to appease his relative and give him a good impression of Dafa, this practitioner accomplished something for his relative through giving gifts to the people in charge.

Teacher said:

"The extent to which today's people believe in Gods is very limited, the minimal level of morality acceptable to them is also very low (Fa lecture at the conference in Florida, USA)."

However, clarifying the truth and rectifying the Fa is the most sacred. We should not do something without principle just because of the "limited extent in believing in Gods." The notion that "I have to make him know the truth even if it means I cannot reach Consummation," is unacceptable. This is not being "selfless" but, rather, it is being too attached to it. In addition, what is the use if you cannot reach Consummation? Where will these people go?

My understanding of "clarifying the truth" is composed of two parts: directly and indirectly. "Directly clarifying the truth" is letting people respect Dafa from the bottom of their hearts through pictures, words, etc., whereas indirectly clarifying the truth is letting people come to know Dafa through every practitioner's daily behavior. These two are inseparable and are indeed one issue. If we only emphasize "directly clarifying the truth" but pay no attention to the importance of setting a good example for ordinary people, we will fail to embody the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Who will believe that Dafa practitioners are selfless and completely think for others? The incident I mentioned above serves as a good example. Moreover, if you gain something through less than straightforward means, doesn't the other person get hurt? Isn't this selfish? In fact, I think that this is a manifestation of protecting one another among ordinary people. Conversely, if we only pay attention to "indirectly clarifying the truth" and neglect the importance of "directly clarifying the truth," our good behavior will only be considered "good mannered" without enabling people to truly know the truth.

Then what shall we do to let people know the truth? We should start with ourselves and try to be good people. We should conform to the principle of the Fa in this dimension. Teacher said: "If one wants to be a good person, the criteria that exist in this dimension are: benevolence, loyalty, propriety, learning, trustworthiness, and so on and so forth. They are all derived from Zhen-Shan-Ren, and are remarkably numerous--these are not all there are." (Lecture at the conference in Switzerland) As for the corruption, deviated conceptions and other social problems in human society, Teacher pointed out that: "Precisely because of the way humans are, because you humans all want to protect yourselves in this way, human society has been pushed to this stage and is sliding downward. So everyone has his share of the blame.... Actually, your words and deeds are all conforming to modern trends. It's the same as drifting with the current." "What we require is that we behave well, starting with ourselves. If everyone makes sure that he conducts himself well, everything in society will be good." (Lecture at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun) We have to be strict with ourselves and show the human world the "righteous thoughts and righteous actions." Through this, ordinary people will respect Dafa. Using words, we can untangle the knot in their hearts; and using righteous thoughts, we can eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions. Thus, ordinary people can truly wake up. Using our righteous actions, we can show them the true meaning of Dafa. It is the hope for the future of mankind. And all the above comes from our pure understandings based in Dafa.

It is impossible that everyone can be saved, but we have to do our best. Dafa is sacred and solemn. It is human beings who make their own choice in the face of Dafa rather than the Fa asking them to obtain it. Therefore, we have the obligation and responsibility to safeguard the solemnness of Dafa.

The above is my personal experience. Please point out anything inappropriate.