(Clearwisdom.net) Recently we have become more concerned with exploring how Dafa disciples can work together more effectively as one body. At the same time, we must do well in our own individual path. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my own encounters and share them as my cultivation experience.

It has been fairly difficult to meet face to face with fellow Dafa practitioners who work on the same project with me. Therefore, for quite a long time it was difficult to share experiences with each other. Although we were using emails or calling each other over the phone, it still did not fully meet our expectations. Later on, we changed our approach. During our experience sharing, we started paying more attention to our understandings of the Fa rectification requirement, on dealing with the issues we were facing, and on how to work harder on how to upgrade our own xinxing (heart or mind nature, moral character). With the underpinning on cultivation, we naturally reached mutual and tacit understandings among ourselves as Dafa practitioners. The contents of our experience sharing and exchange became more concise and practical.

In addition, we formed a simple Internet Fa study group, constantly reminding each other to study Master's articles and one chapter of Zhuan Falun individually each day. When convenient, any one of us could send an email calling attention for us to keep on daily exercise practice, or share one's own experience and understandings after reading a particular Fa lecture and suggest others to review it if time permitted. Since taking this approach, we have all had a much stronger sense of being part of a unified group. We have been able to handle the impact on our Fa study caused by the heavy workload from various projects much better. The extra reminders have also brought me some unexpected benefits.

When doing Dafa projects, we would often run into some tough issues, and from time to time we felt those problems to be beyond our capacity and capability. Usually I would discuss those problems with others, and listen to their opinions. Or I might choose to do some other projects instead so that I could refresh myself. Even though such approaches were helpful, I discovered that by doing this too often, I would have the tendency to try to take the easy way out when encountering problems. In fact, I was quite aware that the best way to solve the problem was through dedicated and uninterrupted Fa study with a calm heart and mind. As Dafa practitioners, our wisdom and righteousness come from Dafa. So, those daily short emails within our Fa study group not only accomplished the objectives of reminding me to study Fa everyday, they also called my attention to seek answers and solutions from the Fa, and to absorb the wisdom and power from the Fa. Thus, our words and actions could advance closer towards the requirements for a mature cultivator.

These are just some experiences from one project team, reflecting our roles as individuals as well as a group. We are a unified group to begin with, because we are all cultivating the same Fa. We all have our own background and experience, and we all have our own specific situations. However, many times, a lot of situations became unnecessarily difficult due to our own personal notions. Once we got rid of those notions, many issues were indeed quite simple and straightforward. After all, we are all sentient beings who have been cultivating Dafa and are qualified for participating in the Fa rectification.