(Clearwisdom.net) The 17th Commonwealth Games, also called The Friendship Games, are at present being held in Manchester from 25th July until 4th August. The Queen opened The Games on July 25th and will close them on August 4th.

72 Countries are taking part in the 2002 Commonwealth Games, from Anguilla and Jamaica to Seychelles and Zimbabwe. In conjunction with the games, The Spirit of Friendship Arts and Culture Festival is taking place and it was within this Festival that Zhang Cuiying held her Traditional Chinese Art Exhibition from 22nd July to 26th July.

The Exhibition took place in a large, spacious hall in the center of Manchester and was very well attended. The presence of the artist Zhang Cuiying had a remarkable effect on the viewers; her inner peace and calmness touched their hearts. They were so happy to see and talk with her, and also watch as she painted. Many people were so touched by the peaceful and serene atmosphere created by Cuiying and her paintings that they stayed for 2 to 3 hours and didn't want to leave.

The public who viewed the exhibition were shocked when they heard about the brutal mistreatment she received in China, and could not believe the Chinese Authorities would treat an artist of world renown in such an inhumane way just because they practice Falun Gong. Much interest was shown in Falun Gong and some people wanted to learn the exercises during the exhibition.

The Press Conference

Zhang Cuiying held a press conference with the media and the public present, and answered many questions. Journalists from local papers attended. Cuiying was also introduced to Patsy Calton MP and shared many experiences about her life, art and her illegal and inhuman persecution in China, presenting Patsy with a signed copy scroll of one of her pictures.

"A Pair of Handsome Horses" Cuiying's painting to be donated

Zhang Cuiying wanted to contribute something to the Commonwealth Games as she is an Australian citizen participating in The Spirit of Friendship Festival and for the first time disabled athletes are taking part in the 2002 Games. She would like to offer one of her paintings "A Pair of Handsome Horses" for sale at ?0,000. The proceeds will be donated to the Commonwealth Games Committee and awarded to an outstanding athlete who captures the spirit of friendship.

A sample of some of the tributes Cuiying received at her art exhibition:

- "Absolutely stunning exhibition"

- "A glimpse of your beautiful culture"

- "Your art is from your heart"

- "You have great strength and inner peace, it shows in your work"

To see more of Zhang Cuiying's paintings, visit www.zhangcuiying.org

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