1.áIn Heidelberg's community of Dafa practitioners, there is a two-year old German disciple who follows his parents and sisters to a local tourist attraction known as Castle Park on Sundays. While the adults practice the exercises and distribute materials to Chinese tourists, he will be at the side playing. Out of the blue one day while his parents were clarifying the truth to some Chinese tourists, he ran up to them, shouting loudly in Mandarin, "Falun Dafa is good. Buddha-light illuminates everywhere." The Chinese tourists were startled to hear the toddler, a German, speaking Mandarin to say Dafa is good. They found it very interesting and the formerly tense atmosphere all of a sudden eased. The practitioners were not sure when and where he had learned the Chinese words.

2. Once on a train I met a one-year-old German baby who was still too young to talk. The baby's name was the same as a young disciple's. Probably due to the bumpiness of the train ride, he seemed a bit frustrated. I was reading Zhuan Falun. I held the book in front of his eyes and used my finger to point at the words for him to read. He immediately stopped fidgeting and concentrated his attention on the book. Then he stared at my mouth intensely. I flipped to the page of the Falun to show him. He laughed and wanted to use his small hand to touch the Falun's picture. I flipped to the picture of Master's portrait. He laughed even more heartily as if it was not only he himself, but his entire soul laughing. I asked him in German if he knew the person in the portrait. Even though he cannot yet talk, he confidently nodded his head.