Practitioners Exchange Insights

We need to disclose the true evil nature of Jiang Zemin and completely reject the arrangements by the old evil forces. When people fully see the truth, and recognize that Jiang is an unsalvageable criminal who only brings misery to the people and the nation, they will no longer believe any of his lies. They will stand up and denounce him and there will be no room for his existence, and the old forces' arrangement will be destroyed. People will take a new and closer look at the true nature of Falun Gong, and will accept the truth of Dafa, and more people will be saved.

News from China

When the gang of four [who launched the Cultural Revolution in 1970s in China] was defeated in 1976, the newly appointed military political secretary Luo Ruiqing, Wang Zhen, and the former National Security Bureau chief Feng Jiping, sought justice for the innocent people who were killed by the Beijing police department. The executive branch of the Beijing justice system arrested 17 worst-case offenders, who were all either guards or investigators involved in the death of innocent people. The 17 were interrogated through internal investigations and executed secretly.