June 22, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) The Wangchun "Legal Education Center" in Zibo City is actually a brainwashing class, but represented as something "legal" to the outside world, where approximately 30 to 40 Dafa practitioners per session are detained. The average length of a session is one month. Class supervisors also extort a 5,000 Yuan [average monthly income of local people is about 200-300 Yuan] "brainwashing fee" from each family of a Dafa practitioner.

Dafa practitioners arrested and detained in this Wangchun brainwashing class were first sent by vehicle to the Wangchun Forced Labor Camp, and were forced to attend brainwashing sessions, day and night. The police gave each arrested Dafa practitioner a small stool, then got those whom they had successfully brainwashed to take turns to infuse the newly arrived practitioners with self-deceiving lies. If practitioners did not compromise they were deprived of sleep. This was just the first tribulation in Wangchun, which lasted about 10 days. If this method did not work, the police then started to brutally beat practitioners. They hung Dafa practitioners up, used leather belts, electric batons and so on to torture them, and used up every violent means to force practitioners to write the "three documents." [Letters promising to give up practicing Falun Gong, never again to associate with nother practitioners and never again go to Beijing to appeal] What's more, they sent Dafa practitioners directly to the mental hospital and injected them with medicine that damaged their central nervous system.

In this forced labor camp, the police treated those practitioners who went on a hunger strike even more cruelly. When force-feeding practitioners, they inserted the plastic feeding tube into practitioners' esophagus, first yanking it back and forth until the mucous membrane broke and bled, then they commenced the force-feeding while the practitioner was under severe pain. A Dafa practitioner from Jiaozhou City fainted several times during force-feeding. The vicious police almost seriously injured that practitioner's stomach. The police claimed that the practitioners would not be released if they did not give up practicing, otherwise they would die there.

Those who wrote the "three documents" against their will were sent to the Wangchun brainwashing class again for further brainwashing. They were forced to watch TV programs that defame Dafa daily and then were forced to write articles criticizing Falun Gong. From about 8:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., they kept practitioners busy all the time. There were only seven guards in the "Legal Education Center" who were in charge of brainwashing; they carried out the so-called duty of "strengthening." [To prevent practitioners from practicing Falun Gong again] A sincere and kind village woman was sent to the forced labor camp against her will for forced brainwashing, simply because she couldn't understand why "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" was not good. Due to constant sleep deprivation she had no choice but to compromise. After she came back, the vicious authorities asked her again if "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" was good or not. She replied, "Good." Simply because of this word "good" she was considered not being thoroughly brainwashed and was sent to the forced labor camp on the second day, to be further brainwashed. This is the absurd situation that happened in Wangchun.

All these mental "infusions" were fruitless. During the last Chinese New Year, quite a few practitioners immediately became clear-headed only several days after they were forced to compromise. I have helped several people from my hometown who had been arrested and held at Wangchun for brainwashing to publish solemn statements on Minghui Net to declare the invalidity of such brainwashing, and come back to practice.

The guards in this particular brainwashing class usually asked, "What kind of person do you want to be after you go back?" If the answer is "to be a good person," they would

classify this person having further need of brainwashing. Their logic was, "Practicing Falun Gong first requires one to be a good person. If you say you want to be a good person after you go back, this proves that you still want to practice Falun Gong." However, if you say you want to be a bad person, the ruffians will not bother you after all.

How sad! In China these days, people don't even have the right to be good people. In fact, Dafa practitioners who behave as good people are being tortured brutally for it.