Jiang's regime implemented strict policy to tightly control China's Internet. Any posting containing certain keywords like "Falun Gong" will be removed from BBS within seconds. Any mail message containing the keywords will be automatically blocked. If someone chats about Falun Gong, his IP address will be blocked by chatroom's administrator... Therefore practitioners have been very creative to get around the blockade. Flash animation is one of those that cannot be automatically screened by software.

This one below is designed to clarify the truth of the "ten-thousand people appealing on April 25, 1999." In this flash animation, it first gives background information about local authorities harassing practitioners in many cities before April 1999. Practitioners put their trust in their freedom to appeal to the government guaranteed by the Chinese constitution, and they went to the central appealing office to report the truth and facts. The flash animation also provides shots from CCTV news that officials of the State Department Appealing Office met with the representatives of the practitioners including Li Chang. All the evidence shows that this was a peaceful appeal, and not the so-called "attacking the government."