(Clearwisdom.net) It was a bright sunny day on July 13, 2002. Dafa practitioners from the Midlands, UK came to a city in South Yorkshire to tell people about Dafa. The city's residents are from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Friendly local Councilors came to greet us and invited us to a garden tea event.

As usual the graceful exercise music attracted many people's attention. They read the display posters and accepted our flyers. We also managed to collect many more signatures than we usually do for the petition to rescue the persecuted practitioners in Mainland China. Upon seeing a young practitioner performing the exercises, one lady said, "I have never seen such quiet and peaceful children. This is great!" We also met a Yoga teacher who expressed a strong interest and asked many questions about Falun Gong. Many people inquired about where they could find exercise sites. An English lady, whose boyfriend is serving at the Security Bureau in China, expressed that she would reveal the truth of the persecution to him. We also bumped into two Chinese people who had just come back from a trip to China. At the beginning they were not willing to accept the truth-clarifying materials. After we chatted with them for a while, they changed their attitude and accepted our materials. A few Amnesty International members passed by our site and signed our petition. They also invited us to give seminars at a later date. They told us that it is quite ridiculous for the Chinese government to suppress such peaceful people. They even helped us clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to passers-by. In just a few hours nearly 2,000 people accepted leaflets from us.

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