• Li was sent to a labor camp for clarifying the truth of Dafa. After he was released, however, the "610 Office" took his salary unjustly even though he was given back his job. He went to the "610 Office" in person and asked, "What right do you have to confiscate my salary? What you are doing is illegal." Consequently, Li received his full salary for that month.
  • A Dafa practitioner went to clarify the truth of Dafa, and was very busy when he arrived. When he returned home he thought, "there must be little gas left since I have traveled a long way." Then he looked into the tank and found that the petrol had not been used at all. This is a miracle demonstrated by Dafa.
  • There is a lady in northeastern China who met a police officer who came to the building where she lives to look for Dafa practitioners. The lady said to the police officer seriously, "Why should you look for them! They are good people! Why don't you look for and arrest thieves out there?" The policeman was silent for a while, and after a short consideration he turned away and left. Nowadays, there are more and more people who stand out to protect Dafa practitioners.