July 6, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) During the countywide standard high school graduate exam, a high school student in Qidong County of Hunan Province answered a question regarding Falun Gong with his true thoughts: "Falun Dafa is great" and "The persecution against Falun Gong is too cruel." This answer caused a panic among those in the Qidong County Education Bureau, Qidong County, Hengyang City, Yongzhou City and Qiyang County "610 Offices."

Qidong County Education Bureau Stifles Students' Independent Thoughts and Freedom of Speech

The Qidong County Education Bureau panicked after reading this answer on the exam paper. They expelled him from school and deprived him of his right to participate in the nationwide college entrance examination. In addition, the Education Bureau launched a countywide discussion among all school teachers and students in order to avoid similar answers appearing in the nationwide college entrance examination. Contrary to its responsibility of advocating the freedom of thought and speech, the Qidong County Education Bureau deprived the student's right to participate in the nationwide college entrance examination and thus his right to pursue higher education as a punishment for telling the truth.

"610 Office" Attempts to Kidnap the Innocent Student

The Qidong County "610 Office" is the most sensitive party in this affair. Dafa truth clarifying banners and materials have been continuously showing up in Qidong County. Last May, the local Dafa practitioners successfully held two big assemblies. All these have already frightened the "610 Office" personnel. Now such an answer appearing in a high school student's exam caused them deep panic.

As soon as Hengyang City "610 Office" received the report about this incident, they even classified it as a top criminal case for the city and initiated a special task trying to find more information about Falun Gong activities through this high school student. Because this student is from Yongzhou City Qiyang County, the "610 Offices" mobilized the police of the two cities to arrest him simply for an exam answer. They went to the student's home three times and thoroughly searched his home, yet failed to find him, or to find any information about Falun Dafa. They also followed and monitored all the local Falun Gong practitioners but did not gain any information either. Dafa banners kept showing up on the streets and truth-clarifying materials were distributed all over the city and countryside. The police carried out a complete check of all computers in the county yet did not find anything. It was such a joke to the people in these two cities. It is really absurd that the "610 Offices" went to such great lengths to seize a good student while leaving the real criminals alone.

The parents of this student are both government officials and Party members. They decided to sue the "610 Office" for such unfair treatment. Knowing what they did was illegal, the "610 Offices" of the two cities turned the case over to the Qiyang County Police Department to settle the lawsuit and concluded the case in a rush.

In addition, the Qidong County "610 Office" arrested more than 50 Dafa practitioners from the nearby countryside and made up all kinds of lies in order to report their accomplishments to the higher authorities.

This student was great to have such courage to tell the truth under such pressure. We all pray for heavenly blessings for him.