(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago, while I was waiting to meet someone, I placed an envelope containing truth-clarification brochures and a CD in a telephone booth. On the envelope it was written: "presented to people with a predestined relationship."

I kept an eye on the telephone booth while I waited. Several people passed by without touching the envelope. When a middle-aged woman finished making a phone call, she took the materials and tore a corner of the envelope while walking. I thought she must be a person with a predestined relationship.

Then, after meeting up with the person I had been waiting for, I went to buy some vegetables. As I approached a vegetable stand, I saw that the vendor of the vegetable stand was the person who had taken the envelope with the predestined relationship. She had opened the brochure and was completely absorbed in reading it. A young man at the stand was looking at the other truth-clarification materials and a colorful picture depicting the spread of Falun Dafa in the world. They did not even notice my arrival. I found the scene very touching. All sentient beings are waiting to know the truth. Tears shone in my eyes. I wiped my eyes and said: "Do you have cucumbers?" The young man said nothing and continued reading the materials carefully. The woman did not look up either. With her eyes never leaving the brochure in her hand, she said "I have, but not fresh. There are some left from yesterday." I understood her, and saw that she did not wish to be disturbed.

This incident encouraged me very much. Before, when I would see truth-clarification materials left on the ground, I would be upset and pick them up, thinking, "sentient beings, when will you be able to be clear-headed?" Today, as the evil factors throughout the cosmos are continuously cleared out, sentient beings are indeed becoming more and more clear-headed. They are waiting to know the truth. My fellow practitioners, let us make even more effort to shoulder the responsibility of Dafa disciples well, and to clarify the truth to the world's people. A great number of sentient beings are waiting for us to save them.