1. Solidify Righteous Thoughts

At the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston, Master Li said: "The best way to deal with this situation is for Dafa disciples to walk their paths righteously, to try their best not to let the evil or the old forces take advantage of their gaps, and to solidify their righteous thoughts."

Several days before our trip to Iceland, things became complicated and the atmosphere became tense.

The night before setting off, some of the practitioners who were going on the trip got together to share with one another their respective understandings and perspectives on the situation. Apparently, many troubles were occurring for Falun Gong practitioners. We realized that when we deal with such troubles with human approaches, or even with individual tactics, this is a manifestation of a lack of righteous thoughts. In addition, such phenomena tend to happen when we fail to regard ourselves as one body, ignoring the old forces' attempts to persecute Dafa disciples as a whole by using our deviant thoughts that do not comply with Dafa. We should look at problems from the perspective of the Fa. In this regard, only after we rectify all the abnormal factors and negate entirely all the unreasonable demands and interference, can we accomplish our sacred missions with dignity.

The following day, all the practitioners who took part in the experience-sharing session boarded the plane and set foot on the soil of Iceland successfully.

2. Holistic Improvement Is Different from Personal Cultivation

For various reasons, some practitioners signed statements at the request of Iceland Airlines. Some other practitioners thought it didn't matter as long as we were able to proceed with "the most important things." Though we were in the same situation, we enlightened to different things. To do Dafa work with a human mentality will bring about losses to the Fa. Some practitioners deeply regretted doing what they were not supposed to do out of fear or with the mentality of "following suit." Through clarifying the truth and eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts, some practitioners entered the country as planned without signing any statements. From this episode, I learned once again that we should always look inward and improve our understanding of the Fa.

The evil will take advantage of the gaps in our understanding as long as there is anything lacking. Cultivation is a serious matter that requires high standards. Whatever we do, regardless of whether we think it is important or unimportant, we should all be responsible for what we do and say. We should eradicate our impurities and improve ourselves.

Master said: "...I will use any troubles or unpleasant things you come across... no matter how good or sacred you think they are--to eliminate your attachments and expose your demon-nature so that it can be eliminated..." (Essentials for Further Advancement)

3. Be Sure to Be Part of It

Our reflections on the trip to Iceland revealed our inadequacies in many aspects. Before our departure, some practitioners mentioned: "This 'mission' is assigned to us." After coming back, quite a few practitioners still didn't know what had happened. Had we attained holistic improvement out of this activity?

Master told us that all the Dafa disciples inside and outside China are one body. What we are studying is the same universal Fa (Law). No matter how well or how poorly each disciple acted, there is only one criterion to evaluate him or her. Holistic improvement and holistic upgrade are what Dafa practitioners of the Fa-rectification are required to achieve. Then, how do we let go of all personal interest in the course of our cultivation, while regarding ourselves as one body and becoming part of it? It is also a critical step for every Dafa disciple to keep abreast of the progress of Fa-rectification, and truly play a huge role in it.

We must not be indifferent or feel that this has nothing to do with us. We should never miss the opportunity to purify ourselves as Dafa disciples.