Since June of this year, Falun Dafa practitioners in an area in Northern China have held several experience sharing conferences. Everyone shared their cultivation experiences and encouraged each other to strive forward diligently, and many practitioners broke through several obstacles that had been blocking them for a long time. Most notably, the practitioners gained a clearer and deeper understanding of the historic responsibilities Dafa practitioners have during the Fa-rectification period. Through sharing their opinions and understandings of this topic based on Fa, practitioners were able to improve as one body within a short period of time. Master Li once said: "The environment is created by you, yourselves, and it, too, is essential for your improvement." ("Environment," Essentials For Further Advancement)

During the past 3 years of vicious persecution, the Falun Dafa practitioners in this area have been under enormous pressure. The local government and police have lost their senses and have been arresting practitioners without restraint. They have been sending them to brainwashing sessions aimed to break their belief in Falun Dafa and the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." Although many practitioners have diligently given out flyers and materials that clarify the truth of Falun Dafa, some have been obstructed by fear and only read the materials for themselves without clarifying the truth to others. Others only want to read new articles written by Master Li and have not tried to obtain Dafa materials to hand out. Among the practitioners who have stepped forward to clarify the truth, some were obstructed by attachments to fear while others were obstructed by emotion, thus preventing them from coming to a whole, unified understanding of things. Oftentimes, they have felt that the old evil forces have been manipulating these attachments to control them. Through experience sharing conferences, practitioners in this area as a whole have been able to realize these shortcomings and break through them more quickly.

In "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," Master Li has revealed the true nature of human history and completely denying the old evil forces' arrangements. Since then, more and more practitioners have become clearer and clearer about the true situation of this persecution and Fa-rectification. The first experience sharing conference held in our area after the persecution began achieved wonderful results with the aid of practitioners' powerful righteous thoughts. People's hearts were uplifted and solidified, and the righteous atmosphere made the attachment of fear diminish greatly. During the second conference, practitioners filled the room and many practitioners were able to get rid of their attachments to fear under the powerful effect of the righteous and pure energy field. Through sharing experiences and understandings of Master Li's new articles (especially "Entering the Gate of No Life," "Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions," and "The Difficult Path to Godhood.") during the 3rd and 4th conferences, the practitioners were greatly encouraged to strive forward even more diligently. After this experience sharing conference in our area, practitioners' feelings of responsibility to save sentient beings and those who have given up their cultivation are becoming clearer and stronger. They are also trying to help those practitioners who have not advanced diligently in Fa-rectification to sense the urgency of the matter and elevate together with them as one body.

There has been no interference during all of the experience sharing conferences in our area, and this is a direct result of the steadfast righteous thoughts of each practitioner. In the "Congratulatory Statement to the New York Fa Conference ," Master Li said: "At present, all that you are doing is the most sacred, all that you are doing is for the sentient beings, and all that you are doing is creating the future"..."in history's present, Dafa has bestowed upon you the mission of saving all sentient beings." From this, we have realised that Dafa not only has bestowed upon us this mission, Dafa has also bestowed upon us all of the power and wisdom that we need to fulfil this mission. Cultivation is all about steadfast belief. We have our Teacher here and we have the Fa of the cosmos to guide us, so what should we be afraid of? Each individual practitioner should help with the advancement of the entire body and the entire body should in turn help with the advancement of each individual. This is the most efficient way for all of us to improve together. Individual perfection is not important; the mighty virtue and perfection of the entire body is what we should strive to achieve as Dafa practitioners.