(Clearwisdom.net) During a discussion on sending forth righteous thoughts, fellow practitioners talked about the issue of Falun Dafa practitioners not being deluded by false messages. I think that this is really important, especially now that we are sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions that are controlling the head of the evil. So I wrote this article to remind fellow practitioners to pay attention to this issue.

When Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil, an unprecedented big battle between righteousness and evil is waged in other dimensions. Previously, there were a few scenarios in which Dafa practitioners would use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Each time, the evil exerted its utmost strength to protect the head of the evil, and its human manifestation also showed some reactions (such as sudden disappearances).

Young practitioners saw that the battles usually resulted in a stalemate; but as long as Dafa practitioners steadfastly upheld their righteous thoughts, the evil would not be able to sustain itself. Usually, at this critical moment, the evil used false news to delude people. They said that Jiang was visiting somewhere and doing something, and that everything was normal and so on. At this most critical moment, the human side of Dafa practitioners was deluded and thought that they had not achieved the goal of eliminating the evil and thus slacked off, which suddenly reduced their righteous thoughts. The manifestation of this in other dimensions was that Dafa practitioners became disheartened, while the evil that was originally on the edge of falling apart got a reprieve and thus the dead spirit possessions recovered bit by bit. Meanwhile the head of the evil in the human world appeared to function as well as described in the false news, which deluded the Dafa practitioners even more. In this way, the head of the evil escaped his fate several times. Therefore, we must remember this lesson.

Now, Dafa practitioners are once again using one mind to eliminate the evils beings in other dimensions. In addition to understanding the Fa based on Fa, we must see through the evil's tricks when false messages are used to delude practitioners.

Sending false messages is nothing but a stall tactic. If Dafa practitioners are able to "Do but pursue not -- Often stay in the Dao." ("In the Dao", Hongyin) we will not be interfered with by the human notion of "seeing is believing." We simply continue to steadfastly send forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the evil elements that control the head of the evil and all the evil that is persecuting Dafa until the force of Fa-rectification enters the human world.