(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2000, four Falun Dafa practitioners and myself decided to ride our bicycles from Guangzhou (the capital city of Guangdong Province in Southern China) to Beijing to rectify the Fa and clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to everyone we met along the way. We planned to practice the exercises early in the morning, ride our bicycles during the day and study the Fa at night. At the beginning of our trip, each of us had different levels of fear, and we were reluctant to tell people we met that we were going to Beijing to appeal for the freedom to practice Falun Dafa. Because of these impure thoughts, our bicycles were always breaking down, and we would often take the wrong road and get lost. After we realized our attachments and let go of our fear, our bicycles ran smoothly with fewer problems.

On the third evening of our journey, we arrived at the Jiaochong Hill area north of Guangdong. We took our bicycles to a garage to get them serviced. Although we thought only two of our bicycles needed minor repairs, upon inspection the garage workers took all five of our bicycles in for major repair. They needed to replace a lot of worn down parts that we were unaware of. It took a long time, so we had to stay in a hotel overnight. The next morning, after travelling for one hour, we came to a long narrow road with a steep incline and a sign that read: "Downhill for 4200 meters" (approximately 2.5 miles). The road was very irregular and curvy, and cars passed us at dangerously high speeds. Seeing this, we immediately realized that Teacher had been watching out for us! If we had tried to ride down the hill last night, it would have been really dangerous. If the bicycle repairmen had not happened to notice the problems with our bicycles and didn't repair them, it would have been hard to guarantee that we would have made it down the hill safely even during the day.

Around noon the next day, it began to rain very heavily all of the sudden. We were unable to find shelter and were stuck, cold and hungry on the middle of a big un-inhabited mountain. At that time, we all felt the hardship of the journey. As we pressed on with difficulty, we suddenly saw a camp shelter on the side of the road. There were a few bamboo chairs under the shelter, and just as we sat down to rest, a middle-aged woman appeared and asked if we would like some noodles. We gladly accepted the offer. After we ate the noodles, our bodies felt warm again and our fatigue disappeared. The rain stopped as well. We thanked the woman for her kindness and continued on our journey with new determination.

That evening, it began to get dark after we had ridden about 2 km past Liannan. We tried to find resting places along the way but were unsuccessful. Most people advised us to go back to Liannan to find a place to rest, but we decided we didn't want to backtrack and delay our trip any longer, so we remained determined to find a place nearby. A few minutes later, we found a newly opened motel. The owner told us that the motel was opened only four days ago. Oddly enough, that was the same day we began our journey in Guangzhou.

That night, we looked back at the different conflicts we had encountered on our journey thus far and planned the route we needed to take in the upcoming days. We then settled down to study the Fa. Upon doing so, we came to realize the attachments and shortcomings in ourselves that had caused the conflicts. The next morning, three loading trucks arrived at the motel. After conversing with the drivers for a while, they offered to help us with our journey to Beijing by giving us a ride to Wuhan in their trucks. We were very happy upon hearing their offer because our bicycle tires had almost worn out and the route ahead of us was still very difficult and dangerous. No one had ever ridden the route before on bicycle.

Amazingly, there were only 5 spare seats remaining on the three trucks heading to Wuhan. As we climbed into the trucks, we could not help shedding tears because of the great compassion of our Master!

After reaching Wuhan and saying goodbye to the drivers, they told us that we had already passed through the most difficult terrain on the route from Guangzhou to Beijing and that the rest of the journey would be relatively easy to finish. Upon saying goodbye, the leader of the drivers said to us with a smile, "We were appointed by heaven to come down to help you!" He repeated this twice.

On our journey to Beijing, we had let go of many attachments, such as fear and competition. Finally, we arrived in Beijing.

The reason why I shared this experience was to show the enormous power of Dafa and the great compassion of Master Li. On our long journey, Master gave us so much help and so many opportunities to improve ourselves along the way. Our great Master is looking after each one of his practitioners every minute of the day and all he wants is for us to cultivate our true and pure hearts!