(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a growing number of Dafa disciples have come to clearly understand the importance and urgency of sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that control the evil's head. Although we didn't fully take advantage of the opportunity during our trip in Germany, we did gain much experience and learn many lessons. According to media reports, the head of the evil will be visiting five countries in Europe in June, and will be visiting Hong Kong in July. These opportunities kind of surprised us. But, who made all these arrangements? Are we sure we have seen through the intentions of the old forces?

In the Fa-Lecture at the Florida Conference, Master says, "And it's not limited to humans. This Fa-rectification was arranged as early as the time of the previous Earth, and it was given a trial run once before. So in other words, this has been systematically arranged even since a time that remote. Then think about it: could the human society, and everything that we can see, exist by chance? Even each Dafa disciple's every move, every action, every word, and even the questions you ponder, none of it is that simple. In the future you'll see that everything was very carefully arranged. But it's not me who arranged this, it's the old forces who did."

Why would the old forces make such arrangements?

We know that the reason the head evil is still alive today is only because the old forces have been continuously replenishing the human skin of the head evil with the evil elements within the Three Realms, in the hopes of keeping it alive to the last step of the Fa-rectification in order to maximally test Dafa disciples. This being the case, it seems to be reasonable that letting the head evil stay in Beijing, the evil's den, would keep it most secure. Why, then, did the old forces make it go overseas where Dafa disciples and the strong energy fields of righteous thoughts are everywhere? This question has been bothering me, until I awakened to the answer from the Fa during experience sharing at the conference in Canada.

In "Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America," Master said, "They now think that Dafa has passed the test. These matters are in the process of being concluded; it's only that there's still a group of people who haven't stepped forward."

In "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," Master also says, "Let me talk about this. The fact is, these old forces, strictly speaking, aren't trying to destroy this Fa-rectification, and they don't dare to destroy it. Their purpose, although it's impure, is also to have this Fa-rectification succeed, it's just that they want all of this to follow their requirements--they want Fa-rectification to follow their requirements--which is absolutely prohibited."

From Master's lectures, I understand that the old forces existing in the deminsions that have not been touched by the force of Fa-rectification have started to make final arrangements for the matter of Fa-rectification. Again, in "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," Master says, "When Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, pure and righteous thoughts, to clean out the evil's persecution of them, that's allowed--the old Fa-principles include principles like that as well. This is the same idea as approaching cultivation with righteous thoughts, or as saving sentient beings with righteous thoughts. That's why you can do this."

However, in making their arrangements, the old forces have this opportunistic way of thinking: "It is allowed that you Dafa disciples completely get rid of it, but you can't get rid of it in one stroke, because there are still many disciples who still need time to understand the significance of this matter. It won't do that only several people see the sense of it; nor is it adequate that only one region or one country understands it. It has to be that every Dafa disciple has become clear about it--only at that time can it be rooted out. This is to ensure Dafa disciples' improving as a whole body, the perfect conclusion of the Fa-rectification, and the security of the cosmos's future."

If measured against Dafa principles, these arrangements of the old forces under the cover of "improving as a whole body," are obstacles to Master's Fa-rectification. Because the head evil uses lies to deceive people which will make numerous people lose their opportunity to hear truth-clarification and thus not be able to position themselves well. Dafa disciples shoulder the sacred obligation of saving sentient beings in the universe, so how can their arrangements for us in this matter be recognized?

It is true that we need to improve as a whole body and find out our shortcomings during Fa-rectification and our offering salvation to sentient beings, so that the old forces will not have the excuses to make arrangements for us. The type of "collective improvement" arranged by the old forces aims to destroy sentient beings. Perhaps, some disciples would think, "no matter who made the arrangements for this opportunity, we will make full use of it one way or the other." On this, I have the same conviction as those practitioners, but when we started going about the planning for this opportunity, isn't it true that that we had already acknowledged the old forces' arrangements in the manner of "improving as a whole body?" While it is truly magnificent that Dafa disciples bore all the hardships of traveling to send forth righteous thoughts in Germany, it is important to point out that the mighty virtue of Dafa disciples is established through offering salvation to all sentient beings and comprehensively breaking through the old forces' arrangements. In fact, when all Dafa practitioners are able to purify their own words and action, they are denying the arrangements of the old forces under the guise of "improving as a whole body." Isn't this another type of collective improvement, one which really complies with the requirements of the Fa-rectification.

Although we Dafa disciples have been sending forth righteous thoughts for quite a while, the evil beings existing are still running rampant. Is it possible that it survives because we have not seen through the intent of the old forces? When we talk about not acknowledging or about breaking through the old forces' arrangements, but in fact, we are not able to correct our shortcomings and remove the excuses that the old forces are using to 'test' us, how can we say that we are 'pure' and 'righteous'? When I was studying the Fa, I realized that the momentum of the Fa-rectification is not waiting for anybody and everyone faces the issue of being able to catch up with the Fa-rectification process or not. Sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity and with more people does have special effect. However, if we are able to see through the old forces' arrangements and break through them, we will be able to achieve the goal of eliminating the evil no matter where we send forth righteous thoughts.

If we decide to go and send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, we are not doing so blindly according to the old forces' arrangement of "improving as a whole body." Those who decide not to go also understand from the Fa that they are needed to continue with clarifying the truth in accordance with the overall situation of Fa-rectification.

Let's start right now to do better at understanding the Fa from within the Fa in order to completely deny the arrangements of the old forces. Let's make progress together from the Fa and send forth the most resolute and pure thoughts to save more sentient beings.

The above is my personal understandings and experience only. Please make corrections with compassion should there be any mistakes.