(Clearwisdom.net) One day I was sending out many Falun to eliminate the evil as usual, and within a very short period of time, many evil beings were eliminated. Suddenly a huge force came towards me. It was shapeless and unusually large. I had a thought to eliminate it immediately and sent out my supernormal abilities to do so. However, my supernormal abilities couldn't contain it. It changed and shifted unpredictably, sometimes becoming entirely shapeless. It displayed many demonic faces and appeared to be violently angry. From this display of supernormal abilities, I determined that it was a high-level God, but it had no compassion at all. Since I could not defeat it, I turned to Teacher for help, but Teacher only watched and did not speak a word or take any action.

Upon seeing that Teacher did not take any action, I realized that I could take care of it on my own and calmed myself down. The evil being grabbed my neck and pulled me up to a very high dimension. It showed half of its demonic face, which was as high as a mountain. It stared at me viciously and spoke loudly, "Who do you think you are to fight with me! If you did not eliminate so many of my followers, I would not even stoop to fighting with you." Even though I was trapped, I remained calm and said to him evenly, "I am a Dafa disciple and a disciple of the Lord of Buddhas. Let me tell you, today it is heaven's will to eliminate deviated beings. You have committed too many unforgivable sins, and your hands are stained with the blood of Dafa disciples. Today, Fa-rectification has reached this point, can't you see who will win and who will lose?"

It was visibly astonished, and while murmuring to itself it said, "You do not need to do anything, I will eliminate myself." After these words were uttered, its body was turned to dust. Free, I stood stunned in that clear, transparent universe. Such a high-level being did not want to assimilate to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and so extinguished his own existence instantly without regret.

Recalling this event, how is a life measured? Because we assimilate to Dafa, we are called "Dafa disciples." This is the highest honor that has ever been given to any being in the history of the entire cosmos. If it were not for Dafa, everything would be destroyed, just like that stubborn high-level being that extinguished his own existence. Life continues to exist because it conforms to the Fa. Lives that participate in Fa-rectification are the most magnificent and glorious in "Assisting Teacher in his journey in this world." ("Assisting the Fa" from Hong Yin)