Media Report

According to Central News Agency, a 68-year-old American citizen, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dan Bihan was refused entry into Hong Kong on her way to Malaysia to visit her family members. She was wrapped up in a canvas tarp and expelled from Hong Kong. Ms. Dan Bihan had been a family nurse who started practicing Falun Gong five years ago. She said that obviously her name is on a "blacklist" of Falun Gong practitioners.

News and Activities around the World

At the end of June, Canadian Falun Gong practitioners promoted Dafa at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival. Moved by the Dafa music, a gentleman became quite interested in Dafa cultivation practice. Another gentleman said that he experienced inner peace. Many Chinese people accepted the truth-clarifying materials with a smile. We also gave balloons to many children as they passed by.