(Clearwisdom.net) In June 2000, Dafa practitioner Fan Qifan from Hainan Province was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor for writing a letter to the United Nations. She is still imprisoned at Hainan Province's Female Forced Labor Camp. Before she was kidnapped, this single mother was a teacher in the Chinese Language Department at Hainan Normal University. During her imprisonment, her 9-year-old son was sent to an orphanage. As of now, her son is still in an orphanage. Many other Dafa practitioners were also illegally imprisoned because they wrote letters to the United Nations.

In order to justify their persecution against Dafa, certain departments in the Chinese government organized some collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to also write letters to human rights organizations at the United Nations. The difference between these two kinds of letters is that while the collaborators, who were writing according to the government's instructions, made many slanderous and false charges against Dafa, the illegally imprisoned practitioners exposed the facts of the persecution and also revealed the human rights violations conducted by related departments of the Jiang regime.

The Hainan Province Female Forced Labor Camp organized some collaborators to write letters - according to the camp's requirements - to the so-called "China Anti- [slanderous word omitted] Religion Association," which forwarded the letters to the United Nations. If the content of a letter did not conform to the preset requirements, it would be modified until the requirements were met.

How did the labor camp force practitioners to give up their belief?

On July 18, 2000, Hainan Province's Female Forced Labor Camp authorities launched a big campaign. At 2:00 a.m., the police bound together nine practitioners, including Wang Hao, Fan Qifan and others. They forcefully confiscated Dafa articles from practitioners and brutally beat them. Afterwards, the police separated them and imprisoned them in the labor camp's new building. The practitioners were not allowed to sleep for three days, and meanwhile had to endure corporal punishment, beating and tongue-lashings. All practitioners had countless bruises all over their bodies. Three days later, five practitioners, including Wang Hao, Shi Chunmei, Fan Qifan and two other practitioners were transferred to another place and were imprisoned individually. They were not sent back to their original divisions until August 5, 2001. The practitioners questioned why this was done. The personnel in charge answered frankly, "In order to transform you."

On the evening of September 18, the labor camp leaders, together with the guards, ordered the common inmates to go to the No. 1 Division to confiscate Dafa articles from the practitioners. The practitioners refused to be body-searched. The common inmates then brutally beat the practitioners. On the same day, Ms. Wu Meiling requested to have her Dafa articles returned to her. As a result, several prison guards took her to the lawn, and attempted to force her to get down on her knees 100 times. She did not obey. Therefore, several police officers restrained her and kicked her to the ground. They then continued to pull her up and kick her down again, continuously 100 times. Following that they forced her to shout "report." She refused again. As a consequence, she was kicked down another 100 times. Wu Meiling and also Xie Hui were locked up in solitary confinement that night. The next day over ten practitioners, both on an upper and lower floor, started a solidarity hunger strike.

On the third day of the hunger strike, some male officers who are non-medical persons started to tie up the practitioners who went on the hunger strike. The aluminum tongue depressors used to insert the tubes for force-feeding injured many practitioners' throats. Some practitioners even vomited blood. After being barbarically force-fed, Xie Hui lost consciousness and was carried away by four inmates. The labor camp authorities sent her to the Qiongshan City Hospital for emergency treatment as the injury was serious. The next day she was transferred to the Intensive Care Ward of Hainan Province's Hospital. At that time, the doctors did not have much confidence that they could cure her, because her heart showed serious failure, and an X-ray showed that both of her lungs were covered by shadow. The doctors believed this was a result of the force-feeding. When the food went inside the trachea by mistake and traveled to the lungs, it caused a serious oxygen deficiency that endangered her life. After two days' emergency treatment she passed the dangerous period. In order to cover up their crimes, during the time of her emergency treatment, the officials from the Provincial Labor Camp Bureau and the Labor Forced Camp quickly processed the papers to cancel her "re-education-through-labor" incarceration. When practitioners inquired about this matter, the police officer lied, saying," Because she passed too much menstrual blood she needed to stay at the hospital for treatment. Now she is doing fine."

In the middle of October, police officers at the labor camp ordered several labor camp inmates to forcibly strip practitioners of their clothes and put labor camp uniforms on them. The practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest this. At the end of September, most of the practitioners imprisoned at the labor camp requested to be released with a verdict of not guilty. As retaliation, the police started corporal punishment by forcing the practitioners to stand for over ten hours. The police also dragged those practitioners who meditated down from their beds and tied them to iron bars in the corridor. At noon, the practitioners were forced to stand for a long time, and often they were tied up until the afternoon. Liu Shuyi, Han Ling and some other practitioners were hung up by both arms for two days.

Starting in late October, the labor camp began "the forceful transformation." The police officers and the camp inmates did not allow the practitioners to sleep. They also found some collaborators to deceive and coerce practitioners. Under the extreme weariness and high-pressure, the practitioners wrote the so-called "three statements" [A written document to give up the practice of Falun Gong; to promise never to go to Beijing to appeal and never again to associate with other Falun Gong practitioners] when their minds were under extreme stress. Only after they wrote the statements were they allowed to take a shower and sleep. Afterwards, these practitioners were forced to write so-called "expose and criticize" materials. If the practitioners did not know what to write, the authorities would show them some already written ones. They also played video recordings of slanderous and fabricated rumors for the practitioners. If the written materials did not meet their requirements, these practitioners had to repeatedly rewrite them until their standards were met.

In "forceful transformation" the practitioners were not allowed to rest or sleep. Fan Qifan was tortured for 14 days. During those days she was only allowed to sleep for a couple of hours in two days, either in bed or bent over a table. For the rest of the time she was not even allowed to close her eyes. Without sleeping for 12 days, she could not even stand up. After this, most of her whole body became numb. It is still hard now for her to walk. The numbness has not yet disappeared. Fan Qifan now has been locked up in isolation for several months. Nobody knows the details of her situation.

The Provincial Female Forced Labor Camp recently reassigned many officials and police officers. Wu, the chief police officer, ordered and established "the Education Team" headed by the deceitful Li Yanbin who brutally tortured newly arrived Dafa practitioners. Once a practitioner entered the labor camp, he/she would not be allowed to sleep or take a shower. The collaborators in teams of four would bombard the practitioners with slanderous words against Dafa, 24 hours a day, four hours in each group. Practitioners in Hainan Province, after reading this article, please note: when you send forth righteous thoughts at the top of each hour, please eliminate all the evil forces in the Female Forced Labor Camp that persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners.