(Clearwisdom.net) One of the Dafa practitioners didn't give in and started a hunger strike after having been in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for over two months. When I saw her she was already one and a half months into her hunger strike. She was unconscious after severe torture. Masanjia authorities not only didn't release innocent Dafa practitioners, but force-fed them with one bowl of corn congee every two days and charged 80 Yuan for each bowl (equivalent to approximately $10 US dollars). The force feeding was done very crudely each time. All of it was carried out by collaborators [former practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing]. The collaborators, in order to "perform" well and wanting to go home quickly, used all possible debased means to abuse and torture Dafa practitioners.

Another female Dafa practitioner practiced the exercises at night after she was first arrested. The collaborators used rope to forcibly tie her legs up until she screamed loudly from the agony.

In order to safeguard Dafa and not allow the vicious ones to persecute Dafa practitioners, the steadfast, solidly cultivating Dafa practitioners stepped forward to stop the collaborators and didn't allow them to read the "expose and criticize" literature or slandering Dafa books. Later, the collaborators pushed these practitioners to the floor and gagged them with towels stuffed into their mouths. They were later locked up in the guardhouse, also called a "small cell," where the practitioners had to wear handcuffs for an entire month. Later, some of their terms were extended.

There was a Dafa practitioner named Wang Yan. Because of validating Dafa, a few vicious policemen forcibly carried Wang into the small cell. Wang Yan was truly very steadfast. He went on a hunger strike to protest and always led Dafa practitioners in reciting the Fa. Wang Yan told me, "Don't stop, even for one second, if we don't recite the Fa, the evil force will persecute us. If we recite it every day, this way we will definitely be able to win the battle and get through it." There were six small cells in total. There were five of us, one person in each cell, with walls in between. Even though there were walls separating us, our hearts were connected. Five of us were like this for three whole days and nights. One practitioner, called Song Caihong, had a loud voice. Because of her loudly reciting the Fa, the evil police used a towel to stuff her mouth and beat her many times. I was taken back on the fourth day. My body was already numb and I had lost consciousness.

In the small cell, Master's pictures were hung on the wall and were also displayed on the floor. The gangsters put Master's pictures under their feet and stepped on them in front of the Dafa practitioners, slandering and cursing Dafa.

In the second Masanjia Female Center, there was an evil policeman. That person, called Captain Dai, was in charge of criminal prisoners before. In the past two years, he used all sorts of methods to force Dafa practitioners to compromise. He let the collaborators hold Master's picture and ordered Dafa practitioners to step on it. If they didn't comply, the collaborators would do something even more felonious. The thugs also pulled people's hair. They ordered Dafa practitioners to put a bowl full of water on top of their heads. If the bowel dropped on the floor, they would have to endure another round of beating. The vicious police even shamelessly told those collaborators, "Behave well! Those who can "transform" Dafa practitioners will get reduced terms and go home earlier." These collaborators then kept torturing Dafa practitioners day and night, non-stop.

One of the collaborators had a diseased eye. She had spent a lot of money but was not able to cure it. She eventually lost all vision in that eye. Later, the other eye also started to go bad and she no longer could see out of either eye. When one does many bad things, one will receive karmic retribution; however, Captain Dai still didn't get the message.

There are approximately one thousand Dafa practitioners unfairly detained in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. An older woman in her sixties or early seventies was also arrested.

Dafa practitioners do not have any freedom there. Everywhere they go, someone follows them, often making reports to the evil police. All those who persecute Falun Gong along with the police would receive temporal rewards, reduction in terms or praise.

Now Captain Dai has taught all kinds of nasty and inhumane methods of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners to the other team captains. If other team captains begin to act like him, we don't know how many more innocent Dafa practitioners will suffer abuse and mistreatment. Steadfastly cultivating Dafa practitioners were detained in every room of the first building. They were not allowed to step out of the room, not even for a single minute. Even when going to the toilet, there were two collaborators watching them. Not only did they lose their physical freedom, some of them were not even allowed to sleep. They had to wear handcuffs every day, twenty-four hours a day. Some were locked up there until they suffered mental breakdowns; others were sent to a mental hospital. Their situation was very miserable.

In order to resist the evil, many Dafa practitioners protested with a hunger strike that for some lasted two months. Their physical bodies were tortured to the point of almost not being recognizable. They couldn't even stand up to walk. It was common to see people who had to be carried to the toilet. When I saw this, my heart felt very bad, like ten thousands arrows were going through it. I often made a vow to myself that if I could get out, I would definitely tell the truth to the people blinded by the lies.

Currently, many steadfast, solidly cultivating Dafa disciples are still enduring phenomenal pressure and suffering. My heart feels really upset whenever I think about it.

The above facts are what I personally witnessed. I hope that respected international organizations will pay attention to it and give Falun Gong practitioners humanitarian support. We don't have any freedom here. We have been totally deprived of our right to speak and many other rights.