(Clearwisdom.net) We did not receive any advance notice prior to not being allowed to board an Icelandic Airlines flight. Apparently, our names were on a "blacklist" because we practice Falun Dafa. Icelandic Airlines would not give us any explanation or assistance. This kind of unfair treatment shouldn't have happened. Being United States citizens and permanent residents, we immediately reported this action to our senators and congressmen and asked for help in stopping this kind of conduct.

During our meeting with the congressmen, we were calm when we firmly asked them to offer us immediate assistance. We basically emphasized two points:

1. Although any country has the right to refuse entrance to certain people, these are usually criminals or terrorists who could bring dangers to that country. However, Falun Gong practitioners follow "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" and are friendly and peaceful. No country should give in to the pressure from a dictator who kills his own people and prohibits those who practice "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" from entering a country. This is a direct violation of western democratic countries' foundations as nations.

2. There was a "blacklist" during the boarding refusal incident. This list included the names of many Falun Gong practitioners from many nations. It even included practitioners' names that have never been made public or appeared on any websites. Many names on the list were those of practitioners who mostly stayed at home and did the exercises. As everyone knows, Jiang's regime has been collecting Falun Gong practitioners' information using all kinds of means in China, and it has been doing this on many western countries' soil as well. If we tolerate U.S. citizens being blocked from boarding flights within our own country as well as being refused boarding in many other countries around the world because of this "blacklist," then wouldn't a dangerous precedent be set? How many more blacklists exist? Shouldn't the rights and safety of the people on the list be protected? We further pointed out that Jiang's regime not only persecutes innocent Falun Gong practitioners inside China, his regime has also extended its lies, fabrication and various methods of persecution outside of China as well. Additionally, the persecution has been escalating.

The assistants of two senators called us in the afternoon, telling us that they had already contacted the State Department and Iceland's Embassy. Although there was no fundamental progress, they would continue their efforts. One of the assistants also said that our efforts enabled them to see the reality of Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong and how it manifests in countries outside of China.

We think that it is very important to expose the evil in a timely manner. Each time we clarify the truth, we can help people better understand Falun Gong and provide real answers for their questions. At the same time, we also feel happy for those who offered their help. History will record their righteous support at the crucial moment.