(Clearwisdom.net) Two hundred Falun Dafa assistants from 6 counties and cities in south Taiwan gathered to study the Fa and exchange their cultivation experiences in the Chuan Hsi Building, Cheng-Ching Lake of Kao-Hsiung on June 14, 2002. During this three-day activity, every assistant shared his group's experience of Fa-study, truth-clarification and sending forth righteous thoughts. All of us clearly realized the importance of understanding the Fa on the basis of the Fa and keeping righteous thoughts all the time, so we can prevent the evil's desperate persecution and obstruction during the final stage of Fa-rectification. We all found our own shortcomings through experience sharing. We encouraged and supported each other to participate in Fa-rectification, a valuable opportunity endowed to us by our compassionate Master, to keep up with the Fa-rectification process, and to advance further together to the bright future.

Group morning practiceSending forth righteous thoughts in the middle of experience-sharingExperience sharing on truth-clarification