Wuerzburg's Africa-Fest is the biggest in Europe and very well known, encouraging thousands of visitors to make the trip to Wuerzburg. Practitioners from Regensburg, Wuerzburg and Aschaffenburg wanted to take this opportunity to inform the citizens of Wuerzburg, but especially the African visitors, about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China.


Information Day in the Old City

For Saturday and at short notice we organized an information day in the old part of town. Sunshine and a practically cloud-free sky greeted us.

Two elderly practitioners from Wuerzburg impressed me. They displayed a great inner readiness to thoroughly inform the passers-by about the persecution and Dafa from the depths of their hearts. The woman stood on the street the whole time, and the man stood by the booth. Both distributed newspapers in an untiring way. I could feel their compassion and the goodness that was evident in them, and how they wanted to convey that to others. Once again the effects of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance impressed me.

The passers-by paused, observed us doing the exercises, asked questions and accepted informational materials. Some thanked us. On the one hand, we presented an image of harmony and openness toward those passing by; on the other hand, there was the contrast of the senseless persecution in China, shown by the photos we displayed, a reality many could not grasp.

Distributing Flyers during Africa Fest

After our information day had concluded, some of us attended the Africa Fest itself. We had English and French language flyers with us, as well as newspapers in German and we distributed all these at the entrance to the festival.

Visitors to the festival, especially from African countries, accepted these flyers readily. During flyer distribution I experienced immense inner harmony and awe in my heart, emotions that are difficult to put into words. I am convinced that it is the correct thing to do - to be the mouthpiece for the practitioners in China, to intervene for those practitioners who are being muzzled, only because they are attempting to conduct themselves according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, principles that are the guidelines for us, our families and our fellow man, to offer a foundation for the future.

The flyers were gone in a hurry and we made plans for the following day. When we met again the next day we distributed flyers for a while and then agreed to attend the festival, to actually observe and also contact the musicians.

When I was on the festival grounds I felt an urge to go to the main tent. When we arrived we spoke with one of the security people to inquire if the possibility existed to speak briefly with the musicians. I was sent to one of his colleagues. In a conversation with this man I asked to meet the musicians but he said that this was not possible. Suddenly I thought that I could ask him to accept the informational materials and distribute them to the musicians. He agreed. That made me recognize that there are often other possibilities one had not considered before, that something else could be accomplished if a personal dialogue is not possible.

When I met up again with the other practitioners, one of them told me that one man showed an interest in spreading Falun Gong back home in Africa. Later on we went to different booths. In one of those, an African woman was very interested in Falun Gong and followed along with the exercises a Taiwanese practitioner was demonstrating in front of the booth. It was a very beautiful sight.

We had conversations with an international audience and told many the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution in China.

Source: http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/5206.html
(Translated from German original on http://www/clearharmony.net/de/articles/3746.html )