Since the evening of June 5, Dafa disciples from the New York area have been sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate every evening to eliminate the evil in other dimensions that try to damage Dafa. Through experience sharing, the Dafa disciples have realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts at this critical, historic moment. As a result, they will try to join this group to send forth righteous thoughts as much as possible, while still handling their daily jobs well. Those disciples who are free during the daytime come and send forth righteous everyday in front of the Chinese Consulate, while those who have jobs during the daytime come right after work. There are even more disciples on the weekends. No matter in the heavy rain or burning sun, nothing has interrupted this group's sending forth righteous thoughts.

All Dafa disciples are one body. By closely following Teacher's words, New York disciples will do even better in eliminating the evil using righteous thoughts together with other Dafa disciples all over the world.