I have a relative detained in the Harbin Women's Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province. Abiding by the law, I went to visit her and to give her some seasonal clothes and food. However, my visit was rejected and I was told, "She doesn't want to see anybody." I felt very odd about this and so I inquired further. Then I received an answer, "She didn't agree to write a request that would allow her to see her family members." I then realized that there must have been something wrong with the content of the request. After further inquiry, I found out that the request had a pre-requisite: a guarantee to stop practicing Falun Dafa.

I went back home and talked to some friends who had inside connections. I was told, "Don't bother to visit her. You have to curse Falun Dafa and step on their Teacher's picture if you want to visit your family member. Would you do that?" I definitely would not do that, and I knew that my relative in prison also wouldn't agree with such an unheard of and shameless stipulation. The most shameless thing about this situation is that it was the police who had violated the law and rejected my right to visit, yet they covered their actions by distorting the truth and claiming that it was my relative's choice to not see her family.

This incident also reminded me of a similar situation that occurred in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp and Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp as well as in the Harbin Railway Station. They put the Teacher's picture on the floor in front of the entrance to the train. Those who stepped on the picture would be allowed to board; those who didn't would be intercepted and interrogated.

Jiang's regime has also forced people to curse in public, which is in turn completely destroying the tradition of our Chinese civilization. Isn't this a government run by gangsters? How could anyone trust such a government?