(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of June 7, the "New Epoch -- Peter Ritzen Concert" was successfully held in the National Concert Hall of Taiwan's Chongcheng Memorial Building. It was an exceptionally grand occasion. The virtuoso piano performance and consummate skills of renowned Belgian pianist and composer, Mr. Peter Ritzen deeply touched the audience. As the last major performance, the symphonic poem, "Falun Dafa Is Good," full of power and grandeur pushed the concert to a climax. It deeply touched both the performers and the audience, who together praised the magnificence of the universal principle from the bottom of their hearts.

The grand performance in the National Concert Hall on June 7

Mr. Peter Ritzen's consummate piano playing opened the performance, and first-class violinists and cellists, including C. Christopher, Vladimir Klochko, Joseph Wang and Arkadi Kuchynski also joined in. An universally acclaimed conductor was invited to personally conduct the symphonic poem.

"Falun Dafa Is Good," the latest composition by Mr. Peter Ritzen, was performed by both professional musicians and Falun Dafa practitioners. Accompanied by powerful and grand orchestral music and the majestic organ, the beautiful combination of the symphony orchestra, which was made up of over 100 musicians, and the chorus of more than 100 singers, including a gifted soprano, deeply moved the audience. The concert hall was filled with happiness and joy, as the symphonic poem reflected the deepest sounds and expectations from people's most microscopic layer, and their praise towards the truth of the universe. The grand symphonic poem gained long-lasting warm applause.

Intended to appeal to all individuals in society, the concert was sponsored by the Falun Dafa Association, Yidian Foundation and the Taipei Shichang Music, Culture and Education Foundation. Director Chen of the Yidian Foundation stated that through beautiful music, love will overcome national boundaries and remove all obstacles for caring hearts. The Board Chairman of the Taipei Shichang Music, Culture and Education Foundation, Mr. Guo said, "If the darkness is boundless, why not let music illuminate life?"

Famous musician Mr. Peter Ritzen (right) and the renowned conductor (left)

The success of the concert was no doubt due in part to the performers' long years of hard practice. But as the concert also combined consideration for sentient beings and the inexpressible sensation of inspiration, the vitality brought forth from the performers' hearts was sufficient to move the audience. Mr. Peter Ritzen stated in the press conference that he was deeply concerned about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. He thought that all musicians should stand on the side of justice and from the bottom of their hearts, let people hear their "sounds of justice." He did not consider the symphonic poem to be his personal music, but rather the beautiful movement from the truth of the universe. On March 9, Peter heard the song "Falun Dafa Is Good," composed by a Falun Gong practitioner, for the first time during a performance in Oxford, England. He was deeply moved. After returning to Taiwan in the beginning of April, he started the composition. Finally he composed this grand symphonic poem to be performed by an orchestra of 110 musicians together with a chorus of 110 singers.

The music was boundless and powerful. After the concert, the audience all highly praised it saying, "This is so stirring! We have never heard such a grand piece of music. Unlike what we expected, the concert is of extremely high quality." An audience member who was very moved by the symphonic poem, "Falun Gong Is Good" said, "I could not find words to describe the majestic mighty power of the combination of the orchestra and the over 100-singer chorus together with the soprano. It seemed that a grand righteousness penetrated the music hall towards heaven! It seemed that the entire universe was singing in chorus during the 8-minute performance! This is the greatest music I have ever heard!"

After the performance, the conductor told a practitioner who joined the chorus: This is a great historic moment, no matter in which dimension.