(Clearwisdom.net) After beating to death or burning alive four Dafa practitioners last year, the authorities in Macheng City, Hubei Province have now beaten to death 37-year-old female Dafa practitioner from Xifan Village, Macheng City, Li Jiju.

Li Jiju's Photo

At noon on May 15, the Macheng City police broke into Li Jiju's home by climbing over a wall, then proceeded to illegally rummage through the house. This was triggered by another Dafa practitioner's returning from out of town and going straight to Li's home with his baggage. The police, who had been staked out around her home thought there were lots of Dafa materials in that bag. When Li Jiju protested the police's unlawful break in, over 10 policemen promptly gave her a brutal beating, and broke one of her ribs. The police then dragged Li to Macheng City Detention Center, beating her as they went.

At the #2 detention center, not having committed any crime, Li Jiju asked to be released and went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. On May 20, Macheng City Disciplinary Committee Secretary Li Shengguo, Macheng Police Department Section I Chief Yang Gandun and Yan Wenshan secretly took Li Jiju to Longchi Police Station to interrogate her. During the interrogation, the police beat her without restraint, which caused her death. Li's eyes were wide open when she expired. There were bruises all over her body, many of her bones were fractured, and signs of strangulation were visible on her neck.

When news of Li Jiju's death got out, the Macheng City authorities concocted the rumor that Li had committed suicide by jumping off a building. Moreover, they sent police to intimidate Li's relatives and friends, threatening them with arrest if they asked questions or spoke out. At the same time, many Dafa practitioners' homes in Macheng City were watched and they were warned not to get in touch with each other. The first day when Li Jiju's body was placed in the crematory, the police department drove out all the crematory staff members. Dozens of policemen were stationed there to guard Li's body, and they would not allow Li's family members or friends to get near. Someone took pictures of the body and was viciously beaten, with the film being destroyed. On the second day, the police department dispatched more police. There were several hundred policemen in the crematory. From Li's home to the crematory, over two hundred policemen, including plain-clothes officers were positioned along the way. Li's family members and relatives were put under house arrest. They were not allowed to talk to anyone, or to examine Li's body. The police said they would appoint a medical examiner to investigate the cause of Li's death. However, none of the medical examiners from Macheng City or Li's residential area wrote any report about Li's death after they examined the body. In the end, the police department still went ahead and cremated Li's body. They gave Li's family members 32,000 Yuan, with the intent to prevent them from appealing.

The police department has hidden Yin XX and another policeman, the people directly involved in the murder. They claimed that they would punish these two policemen, when in reality they are just hiding them.

This is another crime that the evil thugs have committed under the direction of Jiang's criminal gang. Kindhearted people of the world must not forget these wicked people. History will bring them to justice sooner or later.

The phone numbers of the responsible parties:

Macheng City Discipline Committee Secretary: Li Shengguo 86-713-2926918 (home), 86-13907251408 (cell)

Macheng City Police Department Director: Chen Kaiyuan 86-713-2923468 (home), 86-13907250800 (cell)

The Political Committee Secretary of Macheng City Discipline Committee Secretary: Bai Kaiyu 86-713-2913397 (home), 86-713-8920518 (work)

Macheng Police Department Section I Chief: Yang Gandun 86-713-2912681 (home), 86-13907250716 (cell)

Macheng Police Department Section I: Yan Wenshan 86-713-2923432 (home)

Longchi Police Station Director: Yang Feng 86-713-2914477 (home)