(Clearwisdom.net) A Falun Gong Study Camp for Schoolteachers was held at Shenkeng Township, Taipei County for promoting "Life, Morals, and Spiritual Education" and releasing the pressures on schoolteachers. Experts and Scholars from different fields introduced Falun Dafa from different aspects.

Doctor Hu Nai-Wen from Tongdetang (a Chinese Herbal Pharmacy) talked about "Upgrading Moral Standards and Health." Doctor Hu explained the fundamental causes of many diseases. He also pointed out that The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Alchemy, written 5,000 years ago, had already stated that people had diseases because of moral deterioration.

Professor Ming Chu-Cheng from the Political Science Department of Taiwan University used "The Most Important Position in my Life" as the title of his speech. Professor Ming said he started to study Falun Gong from the aspect of scientific research. But soon he discovered that Falun Gong was a higher-level science. Professor Ming gave many vivid and interesting examples that proved the principles taught in Zhuan Falun. Professor Ming is also an expert in political relations between China and Taiwan, and he emphasized that Falun Gong has nothing to do with politics.

The title of Professor Chang Ching-Hsi's speech was "The Search for a Life with Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance." Professor Chang is from the Department of Economics, Taiwan University. In the past 15 years, almost everyone studying economics in Taiwan has read professor Chang's books. Professor Chang talked about his experience of obtaining Falun Dafa and his personal understandings. There are many economists practicing Falun Gong in Taiwan.

Attorney Chu Wan-Chi talked about her magical experiences after practicing Falun Gong. After she attended the 9-day video lectures, all tumours in her body disappeared in one night. She emphasized that as an attorney, she only spoke based on evidence. She had kept all health records from the hospital. Attorney Chu also said she wanted to bring justice to society. Falun Gong provides her with more wisdom to reach this purpose.

The fact that so many scholars and professionals are practicing and devoted to Falun Dafa also showed the profoundness and richness of Falun Dafa.

In the end, the schoolteachers learned the Falun Gong exercises and the study camp ended successfully.