Media Coverage

News professionals analyzed the fabricated news of "the Beijing Murder Case." They found that it did not meet the basic requirements that determine whether a piece of news is accurate and newsworthy. The person providing the news should be interviewed and information should be written and dispatched, indicating the original source providing the news item. In this case that information was not provided. The information and supposed photos taken at the site of the murder case and the so-called evidence all showed traces of tampering.

News from China

The authorities of Chongzhou City in Sichuan Province once again hung out signs that defame Dafa and illegally arrested Dafa practitioners who were distributing truth-clarifying materials. For almost three years now, these authorities have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners by arresting them, beating them, confiscating their belongings, blacklisting and demoting them at their workplaces, stopping payment of their salaries, forcing them to write letters guaranteeing that they will not practice or letters disavowing Falun Dafa, brainwashing them and even torturing them to death.

A Dafa practitioner who was kidnapped by thugs from Guangzhou City Chatou Forced Labor Camp wrote a letter to the chief prosecutor, officials of the "610 Office" and officials of the labor camp: "Your irrational persecution of Falun Dafa and of its disciples is not supported by the people. You should not try to fool the people and go against their will. I sincerely hope you will truly think for the steadiness and unity of the nation, and resolve the conflict with humanity, conscience and justice." [Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and other political and judiciary systems.]

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Let's also talk about understandings and experiences having to do with publishing solemn declarations. A fellow practitioner mentioned two points: 1. A "Solemn declaration" is the most powerful weapon against the evil brainwashing class, for it proves the class a complete failure. 2. It re-establishes our identity as Dafa disciples in the human world. After walking on the wrong path, I had to realize [my mistake] and publish my solemn declaration before I could fully get rid of the evil's interference and persecution.

Media Reports

According to reports from the Italian news agency AGI, Mr. Fini, the Vice-Premier of Italy met with Mr. Li Lanqing, the Vice-Premier of China on May 24 for over one hour. Vice Premier Fini explicitly requested that the Chinese Government assure the actual freedom of religions in China and that the different treatments towards the "Patriot Churches" and the so-called "Underground Churches" be avoided, because "this is not acceptable to us." Vice Premier Fini said after the meeting, "We had a 'dialogue' that was critical in nature. There is a large discrepancy between the two sides in both values and views."

According to reports from the City Morning News of Henan News Network on May 28, around 4 PM, force 8 winds (using the Beaufort scale) suddenly arrived in Zhengzhou City. At that time, a cloud of yellow sand filled the whole sky and blocked the sun. Visibility was reduced to 100 meters. The traffic became chaotic. Trees were blown down. Local people called that period of time a "one hour nightmare."

World Journal: Hints from Floods and Draughts

The recent floods and droughts in Taiwan and Mainland China are very worrying. Over plowing of fields without any plans and damaging the natural environmental balance, which are against the natural law, are the noticeable reasons that have caused more and more floods and droughts. However, the most frightening things are the rebelling human minds and souls, which have resulted in unnoticeable, yet dangerous consequences. Looking back since ancient times at humans' evil deeds based on hatred and self-centeredness, fighting and attacking, cheating and lying, defying laws both human and divine, arrogance and megalomania can be seen everywhere. If "Heaven's Punishment" does exist, it must be an "Effective Medicine from Heaven." Otherwise, misdeeds and corrupt behavior will be repeated over and over again. People can never enjoy a peaceful day.

Open Forum

Views on How Xinhua News Agency Discredits Chinese Intellectuals-- Discussion with Dr. Yin Li: In the persecution of Falun Gong, Jiang Zemin's clique has to use intellectuals, calling for "experts" from all fields to criticize Falun Gong. The final results will be the discrediting of Chinese intellectual fields and the undermining of the reputation of Chinese intellectuals, who are regarded by Jiang as his buried companions in his doomed grave. None of the attacks against Falun Gong can stand up to scientific examination. Yet, those "experts" who are being used cannot reject the lure of personal gains and the threat of power. In the end, they have to lie, which is against their conscience, selling their human dignity, violating the scientific spirit, and defaming science.