(Clearwisdom.net) On one particular day when I sent forth righteous thoughts, my Celestial Eye was open and I was able to witness the effect of righteous thoughts in another dimension. I saw the head of the evil caged within a huge smelting furnace. An enormous Falun [Law Wheel] was flying all over the sky crushing the evil beings that were supporting and keeping the head of evil alive in that furnace. The Old Forces have teamed up with evil beings of the universe in their final struggles to keep the embodiment of evil in the human realm alive because the head of the evil is all they have left to fight Fa-rectification.

The smelting furnace was an exterminator of evil. Upon melting each evil life, the furnace would either send it straight to hell or eradicate both its body and soul. Many of the Old Forces, upon discovering that the head of the evil was caged within the smelting furnace, threw themselves into the furnace regardless of the consequences, trying to mount their last offensive against the Falun. Many evil beings tried to escape, but were eventually collected by the Falun and thrown into the furnace. Throughout the entire ten minutes of righteous thoughts, it seemed that all of the colossal evil things had been thrown into the furnace. Meanwhile I saw countless Falun of various sizes rotating around me at high speed. All of my divine counterparts in other dimensions, as well as numerous lives within my body, were sitting in the lotus position with an upright palm, sending righteous thoughts with me. I had an acute feeling of Master Li's compassionate energy reinforcement because a warm current of high energy suddenly came down from the top of my head and spread all over my body. Then it was suddenly clear to me that the smelting furnace was my body.

The many Falun and my divine counterparts in other dimensions remained inside and close by the furnace, trying to eliminate the evil. They would peacefully endure the attacks of colossal evil things, eliminating the evil beings as a result. Many divine beings, transparent at the beginning, gradually turned black from the inside out when the evil substances slowly surfaced from within. Eventually there would be black blisters all over their already black divine bodies. The blisters would then pop open, discharging black pus all over the bodies of the divine beings, yet they remained composed and unmoved. Apparently the process of eliminating the evil had no permanent negative effect on the divine beings. For example, some divine beings seemed to have melted in the process of eradicating the evil, but immediately after the battle they created brand new divine bodies for themselves, as transparent and perfect as before.

The many Falun, my divine counterparts in other dimensions, as well as all the beings within my body held nothing back in their efforts to guard my human body in this dimension. They had endured almost everything for me so I felt virtually no impact of the evil attack.