(Clearwisdom.net) Personnel in the Dalian City's Yaojia Detention Center, Liaoning Province, have been abusing and mistreating Dafa practitioners who went on hunger strikes for a long time. The ruffians individually locked hunger-striking practitioners in detention rooms, cuffed both hands behind their backs, put them in shackles and nailed the shackles to the bed, which made it impossible for practitioners to lie down. In addition, the ruffians came up with another evil-minded method to torture Dafa practitioners, namely to insert a tube in the esophagus, tape it to the face, and leave it in place after the force-feeding. Practitioners were force-fed twice a day and suffered extremely. Two practitioners died from the torture of the force-feeding. The directly responsible persons were Guard Jia Ling and Doctor Liu Yun. Guard Jia Ling was especially vicious. Once, when a practitioner had a high fever and diarrhea for three days, Jia Ling inserted the stomach tube and force-fed her, even in her extremely weak physical condition.

Dafa practitioners were fastened onto the bed board after the force-feeding and on orders of the vicious guards, two people had to watch them. When the people saw the torture that practitioners were enduring, they showed their concerns and helped the practitioners. Guard Jia Ling, however, scolded them.

Because of the torturous forced-feeding, practitioners' esophagi were damaged and they vomited blood. When Dafa practitioners felt suffocated they strongly requested that the tubes be pulled out, saying the camp should take all the responsibility if any danger to their lives occurred. Guard Jia Ling said, however, that, "Inserting it causes death, not inserting it also causes death; we might as well keep it inserted!"

Dafa practitioners, please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil here! All people, please pay attention to the torture that compassionate Dafa practitioners are suffering!