Learning the Truth, Obtaining the Fa, and Walking the Path to Return Home

A practitioner from a city in southern Hebei Province was forced to live at a friend's house to avoid the evil agents who were looking for him in order to arrest and torture him. He took the opportunity to clarify the truth to his friend. After they talked, his friend agreed to read the book. The practitioner gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun and the tapes of Teacher's lecture in Guangzhou.

A few days later, his friend told him, "At first I wanted to check out Falun Gong in order to talk you out of practicing. After listening to the lectures, I was surprised to learn that it is totally unlike the propaganda on television. CCTV is always lying to us! The five sets of exercises are pretty easy to learn. It only took me half a day to learn them. The effect was so wonderful. The process of gaining energy is so fast. For the last several days, I have felt like a new person. Not only should I not stop you from practicing, I myself should start practicing at once. I really regret that I have attained this Fa so late. It would have been wonderful if I can have learned Falun Gong a few years back!"

Awakening Police

A few policemen from Hebei Province were on their way to arrest practitioners. The driver's mother practices Falun Gong, so he knows that Falun Gong is good. When they were half way there, he said that the gasoline was running low. The other policemen said, "Let's just go back!" So they drove back.

Mother and Daughter that Treasure Dafa Materials

Teenager Jiao Jiao and her mother, both non-practitioners, understood the truth after watching Dafa materials and VCDs. They learned of the wickedness of the Jiang regime's persecution against Dafa and Dafa practitioners. They also treasure Dafa materials very much.

The mother would safely put away any Dafa materials that she picked up or found after reading them. Then she would give them to practitioners so that they could give them to others to read. Jiao Jiao saw a student playing with Dafa materials at the elementary school that she attended. She asked for the materials and then gave them to her mother.

April 16, 2002