(Clearwisdom.net) The process of Fa-rectification is speeding forward and numerous Dafa practitioners are doing their best to realise their promise of assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification in the human world. However, my every step along the path of Fa-rectification is filled with difficulties and apprehension. What is happening to me?

I discovered something deeply hidden and difficult to find. It is extremely microscopic, yet its effect is quite large, for our thoughts and actions are easily influenced by it. It is no other but the remaining element that the old forces have left within us -- selfishness. The way we talk and act is influenced by it. For example, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings is for my Consummation; the people I save are those within my cosmic dimensions; sending forth righteous thoughts is for me to eliminate more evil; sending forth righteous thoughts can ensure that I am not influenced by the evil.

In general, we protect our own gains and make sure that we do not suffer too many losses. What a strong selfish attachment! It is a very physical matter! I used to listen to fellow practitioners share their experiences and talk about the fact that selfishness is the core of all attachments, but only today I was able to use the Wisdom Eyesight that I obtained from the Fa to see the effect of selfishness on myself and truly see the threat it poses to Fa-rectification.

Due to selfishness, our every action in Fa-rectification has one pre-requisite: strictly protect our own safety. (I do not mean that we should ignore safety, but going to extremes in other ways of everyday people ).

Due to selfishness, we may become overly satisfied with ourselves and think that we have done enough Fa-rectification and have given up a lot, so we can reach Consummation and do not need to do anything else. (Not knowing that without getting rid of selfishness, how can we reach the standard of the new cosmos?)

Due to selfishness, we do not have the patience to properly address the questions and doubts of everyday people, being satisfied that we have done enough and if they still do not understand, then they are the ones to blame. This is not true compassion.

Due to selfishness, our hearts are not pure when clarifying the truth. We did a lot but we cannot move people's hearts, thus only achieving half the result with twice the effort.

Due to selfishness, we place heavy emphasis upon our own gains and losses, calculating how much we have contributed and how much we should gain. We unknowingly increased the growth of our mentality of showing off and zealotry, which are also deeply hidden attachments.

Selfishness has caused the practitioners not to cooperate with each other, unable to properly carry out Fa-rectification work as one body. Thus the evil can take advantage and disturb the process of Fa-rectification. We have not been worthy of Teacher's compassionate patience.

Fellow practitioners, let us dig out the root of our attachments, selfishness, and eliminate the influence of deformed elements in our thinking. Let us totally rid ourselves of the restrictions of the old forces, use a pure heart to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, and truly reach the state of unselfishness and assimilation with the Fa.