(Clearwisdom.net) The first division of the Changchun City Police Department is one of the cruelest group of hooligans to persecute Dafa practitioners. In their custody, many Dafa practitioners were killed and many were permanently injured. They cremated the bodies of some Dafa practitioners secretly without notifying their family members. Heaven will not tolerate their crimes.

On May 14, 2002, Changchun police were told that the Dafa practitioners in Dehui City set up 30 loudspeakers to clarify the truth. They sent four policemen to Dehui City to pressure the local police to investigate. On their way back to Changchun, the police had a traffic accident around Halaha. The driver died instantly and three others were injured seriously. One of them died later in a hospital. This incident had a large impact on the Dehui City police force and everybody was saying that the Changchun police received retribution for their crimes.

We hereby warn all the evil police who are persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners that your only way out is to stop your criminal activities. Otherwise, you will be buried along with the Jiang-Luo regime.