(Clearwisdom.net) It was Miaoli county's turn to host the Fa-study and experience sharing conference this month. Having no experience in hosting such a large conference, practitioners from Miaoli County were all looking forward to it and also cherished this opportunity, because group practice, group Fa-study and experience sharing are the forms of cultivation that Teacher has given us.

Watching videos of Teacher's lectures áSharing experiences and understandings

The conference was held on May 26 at a teahouse in Toufen Town. Fellow practitioners from Miaoli hung Dafa banners at every intersection so practitioners from other places were able to find the destination easily.

After sending forth righteous thoughts at 9 am, practitioners studied the Fa, followed by experiences and insights sharing. To follow the course of Fa-rectification, we read Touring North America to Teach the Fa, Teacher's new scripture "The Blessings from Dafa" and articles from Minghui Editors: "To Fellow Practitioners" and "Using Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate the Factors in Other Dimensions Controlling the Head of the Evil while Doing Well in Fa-study and Truth-Clarification".

Through Fa-study, practitioners understood that currently every practitioner has to do the three things well: 1.Study the Fa 2. Further clarify the truth in a deeper and refined manner 3. Have the right attitude towards sending forth righteous thoughts. We understood that we need to rationally handle the three things from the overall point of view of Fa-rectification. We can't use either of them as excuse to neglect the other two.

During the discussion, practitioners openly shared their understandings. Miss Ou told us a secret known by every practitioner which is the importance of "looking within oneself". She said that one needs to examine him/herself no matter what he/she sees or hears. She said that "looking within oneself" is the key to improving oneself in cultivation practice. Although this is not a secret, knowing it is not necessarily equivalent to being able to perform it in our daily lives.

Some practitioners who attended the Canada Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference also shared their understandings. One practitioner raised the issue of recognizing and denying the old force's arrangements. Another practitioner mentioned that Dafa disciples have to pay attention to their words and conduct. If we do everything well, we are promoting Dafa; otherwise, we would cause ordinary people to misunderstand Dafa.

A local practitioner also talked about his incorrect understanding of sending forth righteous thoughts. He used to take sending forth righteous thoughts as an everyday person's ability and sent them towards people or things unfavorable to him. Through studying the Fa, he understood that he was wrong. He reminded us of the importance of studying the Fa.

This was a successful experience and understanding sharing conference. We all benefited from it very much. We hope through this conference, we will be able to find out where we fall short and strive hard to holistically improve ourselves as one body and closely follow Teacher in the process of Fa-rectification.