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RFA [Radio Free Asia] of May 25, 2002 reported that three female Japanese Falun Gong practitioners disappeared in Beijing. During their trip to China they had planned to protest the Chinese government's persecution of Falun Gong. The Chinese police may have arrested them.

Open Forum

We can see the twisted mentality of the Xinhua News Agency from its degrading slander [of Teacher's scripture]. The Xinhua News Agency takes pieces of Teacher's Lecture, Touring North America to Teach the Fa, and twisted the interpretations and purposely inserted violent words into the text to further distort the meaning of Teacher's lecture. This verbal trash shows the twisted mentality of the people in power in China. Again, we want to advise the Chinese propaganda departments to take into account the people's will, morality and conscience. Stop being the evil's mouthpiece or you will hurt other people as well as yourselves.

Xinhua News Agency and CCTV provide a platform for teaching how to kill - information that is behind the "Guan Shuyun murders daughter" case. Xinhua News Agency and its alike unanimously describe "suicide" and "murder" as the way to reach "Consummation," but in fact they are instigating violent acts of people who have been brainwashed by the Party and enlightened along an evil path. They are the ones who are doing exactly what is called "instigating murder." Moreover, CCTV provided these murderers with platforms where they teach how to kill people; where they talk about the process and experience of killing in front of the video camera in an unrestricted manner. Has any murderer throughout history, in China or abroad, ever been able to "enjoy" such treatment?

Latest News from China

The police in Shenyang City (Liaoning province) ruthlessly tortured me using various inhuman means including: burning me with cigarettes, shocking me on the neck, penis and legs with electric batons and also force-feeding. After a 20 day hunger strike, I was set free. I left home the next day after I was released to avoid further persecution.

Recently, using the microwave telescope located at Chile in South America, astronomers found changes of the light emitted at the beginning when the universe was created. The obtained results were much more beyond previous observations and established solid ground for the disputed theories such as the "inflationary scenario", the "spatial flatness of the cosmos" as well as the "theory of dark energy".