(Clearwisdom.net) My little grandson Mingming, has always been by my side. He is nine years old this year and is bright and energetic. He began studying the Fa and doing the exercises when he was just three. Before 1999, he participated in group Fa study with me every night. No matter how long the Fa study took, he always listened while quietly playing on his own on the side.

In June 2001, Dafa practitioners around the world began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. When Mingming erected his palm, he immediately saw countless black monsters in strange shapes ramming into a huge red fireball. He silently recited the Fa rectification verses. At the beginning, the black monsters were larger than the fireball, but they become smaller each time they smashed into the ball, and the ball grew larger and larger. The black monsters looked like they were committing suicide. Now, no more black monsters could be seen.

At one time last year, Mingming saw Teacher sitting on a lotus flower, and Mingming, wearing a cassock, sat to the left of Teacher. Mingming's grandmother sat to Teacher's right wearing ancient clothes. To the left and front of Teacher was an hourglass; sand was falling down. Right in front of Teacher was a piece of yellow cloth on which was written, "Practitioners listed below." Mingming saw only his own name that shimmered with golden light. A while later, the cloth was further unfolded and Mingming saw his grandmother's name. The sand in the hourglass decreased day by day. About two months later, when all the sand was gone, the yellow cloth was also completely unfolded. It was full of Dafa practitioners' names that shone with golden light. However, some places were empty, which were the names of practitioners who had fallen in their level. Then, the yellow cloth was again folded up and Teacher took it away.

Toward the end of 2001, Mingming saw himself and his grandmother boarding a great Fa ship. He didn't see his mother, so he went to her and said, "Mom, you should also cultivate. Both Grandmother and I boarded the Fa ship." Mother asked, "How big is the ship?" Mingming said, "It's gigantic. It's as big as several mountains connected together. There are several floors on it." Mother asked, "Are there lots of people on the Fa ship?" Mingming answered, "Lots and lots. There are old people, young people and children; people of all ages. I accidentally bumped into someone and I apologized. They are all very polite. They are very nice people. Mom, you should also cultivate." Mingming added, "Mom, you don't cultivate so you were not on the ship. It's not too late to start cultivating now." Convinced by Mingming, mother eventually said, "OK, I'll cultivate!"

In this way, his mother attained the Fa at a time when slander was flying all over the place and the evil forces were running rampant. She began reading Dafa books, studying the Fa and doing the exercises. She even clarified the truth to other people. One day, Mingming saw that the moment before the Fa ship was about to depart, Mother flew onto the Fa ship with Teacher's help.

One day, Mingming saw many bowls of different sizes placed there by Teacher in another dimension. The large ones were as big as a human's water tank and dark substances - karma - (poison) filled the bowls. Teacher was drinking it for disciples who didn't pass their tests well. Without a second thought, Mingming tried to take the bowl to drink it for Teacher, but Teacher froze him without saying a word and sent him back to the Fa ship. Mingming shed tears of grief.

While reading chapter two of Zhuan Falun where it talks about the celestial eye, Mingming saw that the universe was very big. It seemed to have walls on all four sides. The walls were of a golden color. Mingming walked ahead and saw banner-like things hanging up. Practitioners' pictures on the banners and many words written below their pictures looked like records of practitioners' mighty virtues. Recently, Mingming saw another golden-colored earth separate from our earth. On that earth, people, buildings and plants are all of a golden color; even the water is golden. There are no cars in the streets; people fly in the air. On that earth there is no Beijing and no Jiang XX. Mingming flew onto the new earth and he saw grandmother's home, where mother and grandmother were.

This April, Mingming had his ninth birthday. His family wished him a happy birthday and he closed his hands in the heshi gesture and made a wish. His parents asked him, "Did you wish for yourself to study hard and good health for your parents?" He said, "No. I wished for Falun Gong's reputation be restored as soon as possible. Restore Dafa's reputation! Restore Teacher's reputation!"

Mingming is good boy at school who enjoys helping others. From the first day of school, he helped to clean the classroom everyday. After school he plays outside for a while, and when he thinks it's time for Fa study, he goes home by himself and studies the Fa. One day last year, Mingming's teacher asked elementary school students to write anti-Falun Gong essays. As soon as he raised his pen, a loud clap of thunder suddenly shocked his ear, and he saw Teacher with a very serious look on his face. He immediately understood and raised his hand and told his schoolteacher that he wanted to go to restroom, so he didn't write anything.

The street committee and the police station people all know that Mingming's grandmother practices Dafa. Whenever the "sensitive days" come around, they go to her home and check up on her. So Mingming sends forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements that control them.

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