When we practitioners do things, we should remain calm and peaceful. Such a state comes from our righteous belief in the Fa, and from our benevolent breadth of mind.

It is easy to stay calm when we don't do things. It is when we do things that we may discover various attachments. Therefore, the process of doing things is part of the process of cultivation because then we can discover and remove our attachments.

The attachment to doing things is actually an attachment of pursuit. The attachment of pursuit is therefore centered on self and is selfish. When we have an attachment to doing things, it is very hard to remain calm.

The reason that we need to carry out our responsibilities in assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification is that we have the predestined opportunity to do so. We need to cultivate ourselves during the process of assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification. When we successfully finish our cultivation, the Fa will be rectified. This is not like an everyday person's job.

Assisting Teacher with rectifying the Fa is a natural response and a responsibility based on the Fa for a practitioner who cultivates Truth-Compassion-Tolerance in an environment where the Fa is being persecuted. It is a part of cultivation rather than the attachment of pursuit. External factors can never undermine the Fa. It is impossible to rectify the Fa with an attachment of pursuit.


We are cultivating ourselves while assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification. We will not be able to do well with Dafa work if we do not cultivate ourselves well.

Being able to look inside during conflicts is the biggest difference between a practitioner and an ordinary person.

Whenever we clarify the truth, we need to have a benevolent heart towards all sentient beings. The process of doing things is actually a process of self-improvement. Each time we should do better than the last time.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if I have said anything inappropriate.