For a long time, my understanding of "looking inward when encountering problems" had always remained one of rote superficiality. Whenever a conflict occurred, I would always look for others' attachments and shortcomings. Upon calming down, I would then realize that I hadn't looked inward at all during those moments of encountering conflicts. Consequently, I was always doing Fa-rectification work while encumbered with attachments. Since I was not pure and clean myself, the effect of Fa-rectification was likewise impure and unclean.

Recently, I've been continuously sending forth righteous thoughts, and in doing so, have discovered that my own dimensions were not pure and clean. This has severely interfered with my Fa-rectification cultivation. So, during the first five minutes of cleansing my own dimensions, I added a thought of "looking inward" (meaning to eliminate all unrighteous elements that interfere with cleansing my own dimensions). While sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw the evil beings inside my own body running out, screaming. With the sound of "eliminate," the evil beings that escaped were dissolved into black water, while the living beings that had not yet escaped screamed, "Let's just hide here. If we can't be found, we'll be safest staying in this body." Meanwhile, I reminded myself of "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful," "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is" and "Indestructible righteous faith in the cosmos's Truth forms benevolent Dafa disciples' rock-solid, Diamond-Like Bodies."

I told myself, "Cast all living beings that were made from various notions, karma and bad thoughts down to the gate of nonexistence." At that moment, I saw evil living beings in some other dimensions, stampeding in terror. I led them to a dimension that I had transformed. As soon as I sent out the thought "eradicate," everything disintegrated into ashes and dust.

Another time when I was sending forth righteous thoughts with the mind intent of "looking inward," I saw a weird and deviated living being that looked like a finger that kept pointing. I thought of my tendency to constantly accuse and judge others, and to profusely gesticulate with my hands and feet. So everything has a root origin with a different living manifestation in another dimension. After eradicating it at the root, the tranquility and peacefulness resulting in my mind was beyond description.

Initially, whenever I sent forth righteous thoughts, as soon as I saw the old forces that participated in damaging Dafa, I would eradicate them with absolutely no mercy. Afterwards, based on Dafa principles, I gradually reached a little understanding that Fa-rectification is to save every sentient being that is able to be saved. If they were all eradicated, whom would I be saving? With this understanding in mind, I learned to be more tolerant. In the midst of Fa-rectification, the old forces often raised some questions to me, which I answered based on Dafa principles. Some of the living beings were willing to stop interfering with Fa-rectification and assimilate to Dafa, but these living beings were only a very small proportion. One time, the old forces asked me what I was going to do with them. I replied, "I won't do anything to you. I just want to tell you that the gigantic cosmic colossal firmament is undergoing Fa-rectification. All the living beings are being repositioned in the midst of Fa-rectification. Everything in the cosmos is made of Zhen-Shan-Ren. To assimilate with Dafa is the only true way out for all living beings."

After discussing it among themselves, they asked me, "We are willing to assimilate with Dafa, but are you willing to accommodate us?" When I opened my arms, showing I was ready to accommodate them, Teacher's law body suddenly appeared. I saw these old forces immediately reveal their hideous appearances. With the thought of "Don't be disrespectful to Teacher," I eradicated them.

Another time, the old forces were especially cold and indifferent. No matter what I told them, they all just replied, "Fa-rectification has nothing to do with us"

I said, "Look, the righteous living beings in the three realms are going through such devastation."

But they replied indifferently, "Those are all human beings."

My mind was filled with immeasurable sorrow, as I remembered Teacher's words, "Painstakingly looking after heaven." The moment that I destroyed them, my tears flowed...

From Dafa principles, I knew that the old forces were the problems that Fa-rectification needed to resolve. But where are the old forces? Many Dafa practitioners are looking outward, when actually, the old forces are inside our bodies. In the midst of Fa-rectification, the various bad states, manifestations of "laziness," "indifference" and "disrespect toward Teacher and Dafa" are actually the specific manifestations within our own bodies of these deviated living beings. Only through unrelentingly "looking inward" can the deviated living beings be truly eradicated at the root, and we can melt ourselves into the Fa, assimilate with Dafa and accomplish the mission of Fa-rectification.