(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang's regime initiated the massive persecution against Falun Gong practitioners on July 22 1999, practitioners in Xinjiang have suffered all kinds of physical and mental torture, as have practitioners in other regions in China. Below are the details of some of the persecution cases:

During the practitioners' provisional detention period after being arrested, the perpetrators handcuffed and shackled Falun Gong practitioners, hung them up and beat them until bruises covered their bodies and they could not walk. Practitioners were deprived of sleep for long periods of time. The perpetrators also held the practitioners by their hair while slamming their heads against the wall countless times. They shocked their entire bodies and particularly their sensitive parts with electric batons until their skin was burnt. They confined practitioners to mental hospitals and injected them with large amounts of sedatives, despite the fact that they were completely healthy. Those injected with the drugs often suffer unbearable headaches, rolling painfully around on the ground from the excruciating pain. When practitioners painfully cried out while being beaten, the perpetrators would insert filthy used sanitary napkins into their mouths, or cover their mouths with tape. In South Xinjiang, mobs raped four female practitioners and caused them to become pregnant. This is irrefutable evidence of their evil violence.

In order to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their practice, officials at Wulabo Forced Labor Camp have used all kinds of special means. At the beginning they forced practitioner to do hard labor for over 10 hours a day, only allowing the practitioners to sleep for two or three hours daily. They forced practitioners to hold both hands behind their backs while jumping forward like rabbits from the first floor to the third floor step by step. They forced practitioners to run around the playground in circles for long periods of time. Practitioners who protested unfair treatment were tied up, violently beaten and deprived of food and sleep. The authorities forced common criminals to torture practitioners using all kinds of cruel means. Some practitioners' noses were broken, and their bodies suffered injuries all over. It was common for the guards to curse Dafa practitioners with vile language and shock them with electric batons. Once, two guards holding two electric batons each, stripped the clothes off practitioners and shocked him with the four electric batons simultaneously. When a practitioner cried out because of the pain, they covered his mouth with tape and keep shocking until the practitioner promised to "regret the mistake." They would then send the practitioner to another room where a guard would give a sample letter of "regret for the mistake" for the practitioner to copy. This was counted as passing the first "test." This method was applied to practitioners including even the elderly.

Some practitioners were forced to stand outside for several days. Some even stood there for two weeks up to nearly a month. Some were forced to write the letter of "regret" because they could not endure the tortures any more. If there was one practitioner who would not give up practicing in a cell, they would punish all the people in this cell by depriving them of food for several days. They would threaten that as long as there is still one person who would not give up, all the other people in the cell would not be granted the opportunity of getting their terms reduced. They promised the common criminals that their terms would be largely reduced as long as the objective of forcing practitioners to give up practicing could be achieved by whatever means. They also said that there were quotas available each year for abnormal deaths in the detention center and that the common criminals would not be criticized for torturing practitioners to death. They encouraged and incited the common criminals to torture practitioners. They also deceived the practitioners into thinking that if they gave up practicing, they would be released and be guaranteed to continue working in their previous jobs with their salaries that they lost during the detention period paid in full. However, some practitioners lost their jobs after being released, and their lost salaries were not paid. They had nothing to live on, and some became homeless as a result. Some were forced to divorce when their families could no longer endure the pressure and suffered the pain of separation from their families. The families and workplaces of each Falun Gong practitioner have all endured mental sufferings and enormous pressure. The means of persecution have been extremely low, mean and shameless. The law clearly states that the maltreatment of a prisoner is a crime. What kind of crime would is it if a person who enforces the law violates the law? The above only briefly reflected the true picture of the brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in Wulabo Forced Labor Camp.

The brainwashing "success rate" in Wulabo Forced Labor Camp is one of the highest in China. The camp officials and guards have used extremely brutal physical and mental torture to achieve this so-called "success rate." Upon seeing the bruises of tortured practitioners, some guards tearfully remarked that they could not believe that other guards had caused these injuries. There are also guards saying that their colleagues did not qualify to wear the police uniform. However, these good people are so few. With pressure from the superior levels down to the lowest level, few people dare to speak out about the truth. In order to improve their "success rate," the camp officials deceived both their superiors and subordinates to gain political advantage. Each detained practitioner was forced to pay 10 Yuan a day for their living expenses [average income for an urban worker in Xinjiang is about 300 Yuan per month] while the guards were granted 10 Yuan a day by their superiors as compensation for their hard work in brainwashing practitioners. At the beginning, practitioners were forced to work far more than normal every day, but later practitioners no longer had to do so because of a group protest. In order to keep charging practitioners and ensure they kept receiving compensation, the guards delay the release of practitioners who were brainwashed for six months to a year. The long-term mental and physical sufferings of these practitioners have greatly exceeded the limit that an ordinary person can endure. Their lives are in extreme danger.

We hereby urgently appeal to the kindhearted people all over the world to urge China to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners as soon as possible!


Falun Gong practitioners in Xinjiang

March 26, 2002