Police With A Sense Of Justice

Due to the recent decision by Mainland China's group of political scoundrels to continue to escalate the persecution of Falun Gong, the police's duties are more and more difficult. Besides working during the daytime, they rarely take a rest in the evening. Some police complain that Falun Gong makes troubles for them. However, a policeman with sense of justice loudly said to those people, "What do you know? Falun Gong is practiced in more than 50 countries and there has never been anything negative reported about Falun Gong. Why in China are there so many incidents about Falun Gong (referring to the fabricated lies forced upon Falun Gong by Jiang's regime)? Don't you know that the Party made all of that [false propaganda] up?!" The police no longer dared to say anything against Falun Gong after that. The policeman who spoke up in favor of Falun Gong is also a Party member.

"The Party Is Just An Evil Religion."

One day, I went home in a cab. The taxi driver was full of complaints. He talked about everything from unemployed workers and teachers to the plight of farmers in remote areas and how their livelihoods cannot be safeguarded. When he talked about corrupt government officials, he even gnashed his teeth. He said that the Chinese society was very dark and that the Party was the true evil religion. He also proudly declared, "I have withdrawn from the evil religion (the Party) since last August." He added, "I know the truth, that Falun Gong cultivates one's moral character and purifies one's soul."

"It Looks Like The Party's Days Are Numbered!"

One Dafa practitioner often gives people a lift in his car. He clarifies the truth to his passengers, sends them Falun Gong materials and gives them truth-clarification CD's. One day, one of his passengers who had watched the truth-clarification disc angrily said, "How dare the Party treat Falun Gong practitioners with such cruelty and inhumanity? It treats people who want to become good people like this? It looks like the Party's days are numbered!"

April 25, 2002