The policemen surrounding the practitioners from behind started to push, while the police at the front were kicking, beating, tugging and grabbing. Under such a double attack from both sides, the queue swayed back and forth but just could not be separated. Practitioners held to each other and never let go of each other's hands; we stood firm in front of the appeals office. The malicious policemen went crazy. They started to grab male practitioners' hair and kicked them hard, pushed and tore at the queue piece by piece. Practitioners were dragged and put into the buses the police had prepared beforehand. I was pushed to the ground too; several of us held to each other even when we were piled up together. After we got up, we were dragged by the police onto a big bus. The practitioners both inside and outside the bus were still shouting, "Uphold the Constitution! Stop arresting people!"

The bus started to move, and several policemen were guarding us on the bus. The policemen outside the bus were still dragging and beating practitioners. In the bus, practitioners loudly recited "Lun Yu" and "Hong Yin", "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets; Extinguish all illusory thoughts, Cultivating Buddhahood is not difficult." When the bus was passing through the downtown area, practitioners opened windows and shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good! The police have arrested people illegally!"

As of today, TV news had never shown the magnificent feat of Falun Dafa practitioners protecting Dafa with their lives on July 21. I believe the whole world must some day be exposed to the scene of police beating practitioners.

When the bus had gone half way, I got a phone call from a practitioner in Jinzhou. She said many practitioners from the northeast had been arrested on the train in Beidaihe City and she didn't know where they had been sent by bus.

In the afternoon, we were detained in Shijingshan Stadium. Now the stadium was heavily guarded with soldiers and policemen all around. Later I heard that many stadiums in Beijing were used as detention centers for practitioners. Some practitioners were detained in detention centers and not allowed to drink any water or use restrooms for 24 hours. Some were taken to the suburbs and forced out of buses when it was dark. So they had to walk home. I asked my 8-year-old nephew before going to appeal, "Your aunt will go to appeal. If she is arrested, are you going to miss her?" He answered, "They don't have enough room to hold so many of you!" How would a child know this? But what he said was a fact, the truth!

Some days later, if all of us Falun Dafa practitioners were able to stand up as we did on April 25th and July 21st, and give up "selfishness" and "fear"; if all of our relatives and friends were able to stand up and say just words; if all compassionate people were able to stand up for justice, how could evil get a chance to be so rampant without any conscience? How could so many Falun Dafa practitioners be tortured to death? How could so many practitioners be illegally detained, sent to forced labor camps and jails? How could there be so many families in pain and sorrow? How could so many compassionate people be deceived?

Shijingshan Stadium was full of people inside and outside. Soldiers and policemen were lined up as guards, and the governments of all districts sent people to take practitioners from their district to the district stadium. That night, over 1000 people were detained in Chaoyang District Stadium. Practitioners did the exercises and studied the Fa in the stadium, and the police and subdistrict officials gathered around the gate and watched and listened. After 9 o'clock, policemen, the subdistrict office staff, the work unit and some families started to get their people. They persuaded and pulled practitioners to go home. Then there was a lady who walked out of the crowd and spoke into the microphone, "The person who's in charge of the district please stand up and explain to us why we have been arrested and why we are here? Why didn't he give a single word of explanation? Why arrest and release at will? We won't leave until we're clear about this!" Nobody came out to say a single word; nobody gave a reason for the illegal arrests. Practitioners didn't leave, they continued to persuade and pull, and nobody moved until after 10, when we decided to go to the appeals office the next day. So we walked out of the stadium in an orderly manner.

The next day, I asked a practitioner to appeal again, but one practitioner told me he didn't want to go, saying the vice assistant at his practice site told everybody not to go. He also said that a veteran practitioner should be right. I told him, "In Dafa, there are no role models, it's bad not to allow all practitioners protect Dafa." I found that vice assistant and told her, "You don't want to protect Dafa, and also shake others' resolve, where are you putting Dafa? You can't cultivate well and want to destroy others too?" In cultivation I have understood that as long as we think about whether something is good for Dafa, we should be able to evaluate whether we should do something or not; as long as we think that it's good for more people, and more sentient beings, we should be able to know whether we should do something or not; as long as we think how enlightened beings would do something, we would know what to do.

Later, that practitioner and I went to the street where the appeals office is. By then, policemen were already driving around and arresting people on that street. What was different from yesterday was that they arrested whomever they saw, and we could not gather together.

I stood on a side road with my bicycle, and met several practitioners from Beijing and other places. We were just talking about yesterday's experience, when three malicious policemen came up and wanted to pull us to the police van. I shouted loudly, "To appeal is a citizen's right. You illegally arrest people in violation of the Constitution, I was detained all day yesterday. Do you want to do it again?" Many people surrounded us upon hearing my shouting, a woman said, "Falun Gong practitioners are good people." The three police had to go away. Afterwards I called a Beijing practitioner and asked her for her whereabouts. She said she was detained in a yard in a rural area and being forced to listen to a radio program under the hot sun.

Many practitioners have been arrested again and detained in different places. Then more and more practitioners from outside Beijing came. They came by groups of three to five; the police are still crazily arresting them while driving patrol cars. I spoke with several Beijing practitioners and decided to look for practitioners in the street to tell them the way to the appeals office. Just when we arrived at the intersection of West Fourth Department Store, we saw more than ten military trucks drive away, and many ordinary people gathered in and around that area. We then learned that they had arrested nearly 1,000 practitioners again. I rode my bicycle and came back to the gate of a stock exchange near the appeals office, where more than ten practitioners told me, "Sister, we listened to you and many of us have been arrested even before reaching the gate of the appeals office." I suddenly felt muddled, what have I done! The police are arresting all the people that I had asked to come here. Two male Beijing practitioners heard about it and said, "Then let's get on the van too. Let them arrest us." They walked over there, and they were arrested and taken into the van too. I crossed the street and asked the police, "Why do you arrest people?" They said, "Come, come, you get into the van too." Just when they reached out to grab me. I said, "I didn't break the law, why should you arrest me? What right do you have to arrest me?" When I had finished speaking, I turned around and crossed the street and came back to the practitioners. Police vans kept passing by in front of me, and I saw another familiar face. She practices at our practice site. She had broken away from her family's watch and stepped forward once again.

(To be continued.)